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Hanoi autumn captivates people
Khanh Huy - Minh Vu 13:18, 2022/10/09
Autumn in Hanoi always captivates people with its poetic natural scenery and pleasant weather.

Hanoi, which is listed among the world’s 12 best places to go for the fall of 2022 by CNN, appears stunning in autumn.

 In the wee hours of the morning, the golden sunshine that had light slits and a honey-like appearance as it crept through each tree canopy, creating an exquisite and lyrical vision of Hanoi's heaven and earth.

 Autumn in Hanoi is often sunny and clear, with lovely sunlight penetrating each leaf.
 Hanoi in Autumn days is more peaceful and quiet.

 Nice Autumn weather brings people out for outdoor exercises in the early morning.
 The chilly breezes make the bustling capital's atmosphere suddenly become peaceful.
 The golden sunshine stretches on each road, different from a busy and bustling Hanoi
 Autumn in the capital city is drier and cooler, with monsoon season ending as CNN described.
 Autumn makes the bustling city gentle featured through daily activities. 
 Every alley seems to be dyed in the bright golden sunshine.
 Autumn in Hanoi is romantically gorgeous with people relaxing.
 Every tiny corner of Hanoi is bold with the delicate, gentle breath of autumn
The girls in white ao dai (traditional long dress) are more charming in autumn in Hanoi. 
 Hoan Kiem Lake is a great site to experience Hanoi's fall weather when the sun is no longer blazing but acts as a gentle blanket over the water. 
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