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A beautiful Hanoi in Autumn
Jenna Duong - Khanh Huy 17:01, 2021/09/06
Despite being under extensive social distancing rules, Hanoi is about to enter the most awaited season of the year - Autumn. The whole space turns poetic, mesmerized, and spellbound by the charisma that Autumn bestows on Hanoi.

The sun shines on all Hanoi’s ancient streets, gentle breezes blow through the tree canopies... the Autumn's romantic scenes seem to ease the stress for Hanoians amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Autumn steps in the city gracefully, bringing cool, gentle breezes and sunlight that sprinkles just the right amount of warmth all around. With its romantic scenery and cool weather, Hanoi's Autumn wins any visitor’s heart when visiting the city. 

Phan Dinh Phung Street with three rows of old dracontomelon trees has always been one of the most famous photogenic places in the capital city. The golden rays of sunlight shine slantingly through the trees onto the road in the early morning, promising to create beautiful frames.

The street becomes even more dreamy thanks to the old French-style houses with their characteristic yellow walls. Everything would be perfect without the raging Covid-19 pandemic. 

Cua Bac Church is dyed with golden sunlight on an autumn afternoon. The blue sky above is rarely so high and clear. The scenery is gorgeous but quiet.

The capital is famous for its ancient works that go along with time. The iconic Long Bien Bridge looks like it is inlaid with gold in the Autumn sunlight.  

Quan Chuong Gate is tinged with time with a thick layer of moss. The scene became even more silent when the street is empty of people. The fragrance of Hoa Sua (Alstonia scholaris) fills up the spaces. 
The extraordinary Hanoi’s Old Quarter Area in an afternoon Autumn. The peaceful streets become the inspiration for poets, musicians, and artists, and the muse that makes everyone’s heart sing. 
Hoan Kiem Lake is entering Autumn gracefully with golden leave trees, casting a peaceful yet stunning shadows on the lake.

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