31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Purple flowers signal Hanoi’s summer
Leaving the gloomy and drizzling days behind, Hanoi has re-encountered its usual summer vibrancy with purple Lagerstroemia blossoming all over the streets.
16:51, 2022/51/13
Green trees enhance the beauty of modern intersections in Hanoi
At the end of Spring and early Summer, the newly inaugurated intersections in the capital city become more romantic thanks to hundreds of green trees as they are entering the leaf-changing season.
21:18, 2022/18/11
Hanoi streets picturesque with Bucida molinetii's changing leaf color
Bucida molinetii’s leaves turn yellow, drawing the attention of many passers-by.
20:11, 2022/11/02
Peaceful and tranquil Hanoi in the first days of the New Year
Bustling Hanoi has turned to be more peaceful and quiet.
18:10, 2021/10/11
Hanoi names streets after two famous poets
Two newly built roads in Cau Giay District will be named after the late Vietnamese poets and married couple of Xuan Quynh and Luu Quang Vu to honor their poetic life and literary heritage.
10:04, 2021/04/04
Memory-evoking flowers of an old female vendor in Hanoi’s Old Quarter
Braving upheavals in time, an old lady in Hanoi patiently strives to preserve a long-standing nice custom of the capital.
19:49, 2021/49/08
Hanoi celebrates 67 years of liberation
Hanoi celebrates its 67th anniversary of liberation (October 10, 1954 - October 10, 2021). It is an inspiration for generations of Hanoians as remembering the city’s glorious and heroic victory each year.
17:01, 2021/01/06
A beautiful Hanoi in Autumn
Despite being under extensive social distancing rules, Hanoi is about to enter the most awaited season of the year - Autumn. The whole space turns poetic, mesmerized, and spellbound by the charisma that Autumn bestows on Hanoi.
18:14, 2021/14/25
Osaka blossom adds vibrancy of Hanoi streets
Flowers are like mirrors to the seasons, reflecting the passage of time, alongside with the red of flamboyant, the purple of Lagerstroemia, Osaka tree are dressing up Hanoi street with their brilliant yellow in the summer.
17:01, 2020/01/24
Hanoi - ancientness kept through long standing lifestyle
The charming of Hanoi's Old Quarter area in the eyes of a traveler.
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