31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam starts projecting itself as safe destination post-Covid
New "Why not Vietnam?" ad invites tourists back after Covid-19.
15:27, 2020/27/14
CNN recommends Vietnamese eel soup for breakfast meal
CNN channel’s Great Big Story listed the eel soup and porridge in Nghe An province among seven breakfast meals in the world. Among the dishes featured: “Vietnam’s sup luon” a spicy eel soup.
11:29, 2020/29/19
Vingroup to expand its business to US this year: CNN
Vingroup plans to sell Vsmart smartphones in 2020 and VinFast cars in 2021 into the US market, Vice Chairwoman of Vingroup Le Thi Thu Thuy told an interview on CNN.
15:18, 2020/18/31
Vietnam “most outstanding” in handling coronavirus - Media
Vietnam has reported no single coronavirus-related deaths and the country is gradually returning to normal.
00:09, 2020/09/20
Vietnam Golden Bridge highlighted in int’l media
A US-based news introduced the Vietnamese bridge along with famous architectures in Paris and London.
13:40, 2020/40/16
Vietnam’s rice ATM dispensers become int’l media spotlight
CNN reported that ‘a machine that gives out free rice – it sounds too good to be true’. Other international media agencies also paid attention to Vietnam’s rice ATM dispensers.
16:13, 2020/13/02
Int'l media praises Vietnamese food inspired on Covid-19
Coronavirus-shaped burger and dragon fruit baguettes made by Vietnam were featured and praised in world media outlet.
18:01, 2020/01/25
Google Doodle celebrates Banh mi
On March 24 nine years ago, the term Banh mi was added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
08:32, 2019/32/21
Hanoi icons via the view of CNN producer
Jane Sit spent nearly one month seeking and filming Hanoi Iconic – the CNN’s latest show that explores the ever evolving future of this city's way of life.
16:47, 2019/47/24
Following CNN team’s footsteps to explore Hanoi’s icons
Unlike around 90 million results on “iconic Hanoi” on Google search tools, the icons of Hanoi, in CNN producer`s eyes, were “bustle”, “coziness” and “inspiration".