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Young people eagerly enjoy marvelous tithonia diversifolia in Hanoi
Anh Kiet - Duy Khanh 15:25, 2022/11/24
Tithonia diversifolia, the flower that gives a sense of warmth to passersby, is said to have been brought to Ba Vi Mountain by the French in the 1930s.

Young people eagerly visit Ba Vi National Park in Hanoi these days to admire the dazzling beauty of tithonia diversifolia blooming at the end of the year and take photos with the bright yellow wildflowers on the mountainside.

Located 50 kilometers from the center of Hanoi, Ba Vi National Park is the capital's green lung, thanks to its spectacular scenery, green flora, cool climate, and rich biodiversity. Vast carpets of tithonia diversifolia highlight the landscape, making young people in Hanoi enthusiastic about the trip to enjoy the beauty of wildflowers.

Tithonia diversifolia, the flower that gives a sense of warmth to passersby, is said to have been brought to Ba Vi Mountain by the French in the 1930s.

The bloom season began in late November with thousands of the tiny yellow-almost-orange wildflowers in full bloom in a vast swathe of the park, stretching along the 12.5-kilometer roadside up to the top of Ba Vi Mountain.

A hill of wildflowers, which covers an area of over 10 hectares with a height of 400 meters and 200 meters before reaching the pine forest, is the highlight of this tourist attraction. 

Tithonia diversifolia has a short life span of only one month. In mid-December, the wildflowers begin to fade. Flower lovers must wait until the next flowering season to admire its bright flowers again.

As visitors pass through the entrance gate and head towards the pine forest in Ba Vi National Park, they can glimpse blooming wildflowers that look like golden carpets blanketing all over the mountain slopes. 

At this time, when the wildflowers were in full bloom, Ba Vi National Park cannot be missed by youngsters to save their beautiful moments.

 Ngoc Anh, from Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, shared with The Hanoi Times: "A short visit to the place with close friends during the weekend is just wonderful for me. The scenery of Ba Vi Mountain in the morning is so beautiful and poetic. Camping in Ba Vi National Park is a change of atmosphere after busy working days.”

Many families also come to Ba Vi Mountain to go camping in the pine forest, enjoy relaxation, mingle with nature and discover the beauty of the wild tithonia diversifolia.

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