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Young Hanoians fascinated by Gomphrena globosa
Anh Kiet - Duy Khanh 09:38, 2022/11/15
Gomphrena globosa flowers are grown on hillsides with extravagant and impressive colors that make visitors think of somewhere in Europe.

A garden full of purple, pink, and white Gomphrena globosa flower in the heart of Hanoi has become a favorite destination for young people who have come to take photos over the past few weeks.

This 10,000-square-meter garden in Long Bien District has bloomed, and the good weather has favored the flower, making a stunning season.

Truong The Hung, the garden's owner, told The Hanoi Times that the globe amaranth flowers are at their peak. After planting, the flowers take about four months to bloom.  

"On weekends, about 300 to 500 visitors are coming to the garden, the entrance fee remains the same as last year, VND70,000 ($2.82) for one," Hung said.

Gomphrena globosa, commonly known as globe amaranth, is native to the southern United States, Mexico, Guatemala, and Panama but is now grown globally. The round-shaped flower inflorescences are a visually dominant feature. 

The globe amaranth flowers are grown on gentle hillsides with fancy and impressive colors that make visitors think of fields in Europe.

Each globe amaranth tree is 60 to 70-centimeter-high, so visitors can easily pose for photos among the dense flowers.

Many young people say they feel lost in a wonderland due to the vastness and beauty of the globe's amaranth garden. "There are numerous virtual corners to live in," they said.

Le Nguyet Anh, a girl from Hoang Mai District, shared with The Hanoi Times that she came to the garden with her friends to save moments with the dreamy purple flowers.

Young people who come here often wear white and traditional Vietnamese long dresses (Ao dai) to show their beauty with globe amaranth flowers. Soon-to-be-weds are also eager to come here to take wedding photos and record memorable moments.

Not only young people, but many middle-aged women also visit the garden to pose with globe amaranth flowers.

 Many parents bring their children to the garden to take photos and have fun. 

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