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Hue Imperial City to be virtually transformed at "Hue by light - The live show"
The performance will be a giant feast of music and light to promote the image of Hue City's iconic works in a novel way.
22:33, 2023/12/10
Chuon Ngo nacre inlays - the millennium craft in the outskirts of Hanoi
Hanoi's artisans work tirelessly to preserve the quintessence of ancient craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.
23:25, 2023/12/09
Hanoi Ecotourism Festival 2023: Fueling green tourism
Hanoi will make ecotourism a top priority in the future to promote sustainable development, protect the environment, and preserve the city's cultural landmarks and scenic landscapes.
13:37, 2023/12/09
Must-visit tourist attractions in Hanoi's mountainous district
With topography ideal for alternative tourism, Ba Vi District in northwest Hanoi has become an increasingly compelling destination for domestic and foreign tourists.
07:44, 2023/11/07
Hanoi night cycling tour on trial
The Thang Long - Hanoi Night Cycling Tour promises to give visitors an exciting nighttime experience in Hanoi.
07:43, 2023/11/07
Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2023: Awakening cultural heritage on Red River banks
Focusing on design and heritage, this year's festival emphasized solutions and new ways of thinking in design to breathe new life into heritage sites.
21:40, 2023/11/06
Local craft storytelling as a marketing tool
Hanoi is home to some 1,300 handicraft villages, but many of their products are of little interest to foreign tourists.
17:02, 2023/11/04
Hanoi boosts tourism with gifts and souvenirs
Hanoi aims to build branding for the capital's tourism service by promoting souvenir gifts, which are seen as representative of each locality and craft village.
07:41, 2023/11/02
German media: Hanoi is a fascinating city for every traveler
The German news site for the tourism industry has just published an article about the unique tourist attractions and interesting culinary experiences in Hanoi.
07:29, 2023/11/02
Hanoi establishes itself as a premier event destination
The city is processing many proposals for various cultural and sports activities, including large-scale international events.
15:07, 2023/11/01
Hanoi Gift Tourism Festival 2023 to transpire this weekend
The event aims to promote traditional craft villages, diversify Hanoi's tourism offerings and attract local and international visitors to the capital.
11:02, 2023/11/01
Co Loa Ancient Citadel: one-of-a-kind tourist attraction of the capital
Today's Co Loa is not only a cultural heritage, a testament to the ingenuity, technical, and cultural skills of the ancient Vietnamese people but also a fascinating destination for tourists from near and far.
16:38, 2023/10/31
Hanoi welcomes 3.6 million international visitors in first ten months
The number of international visitors to the capital city of Hanoi has exceeded expectations.
06:43, 2023/10/31
The digital evolution of stage art
Digital transformation is considered an inevitable factor in developing the performing arts in today's digital age.
17:46, 2023/10/28
Vietnam-Azerbaijan Food Day 2023 opens in Hanoi
At the Food Day, guests enjoyed signature Azerbaijani foods such as mutton, barbecue, or salads.
09:32, 2023/10/28
Hanoi Ao Dai Tourism Festival 2023 opened
The 2023 Hanoi Ao Dai Tourism Festival takes place from October 27 to 29, featuring a series of cultural activities to promote the beautiful image of Hanoi and praise the Vietnamese traditional Ao dai.
18:53, 2023/10/27
Introducing Michelin-starred cuisine at Hanoi Tourism Gift Festival
Michelin-starred cuisine will be on display at the second Hanoi Tourism Gift Festival 2023 which will take place on November 3-5 at the Tran Nhan Tong pedestrian zone.
17:16, 2023/10/26
Hanoi named World’s Best Golf City Destination 2023
For the first time, the capital city of Vietnam has won the World's Best Golf City Destination 2023 Award.
16:03, 2023/10/25
Unlocking potential in medical tourism: Maximizing human resources
The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is working on the national standards of "Tourism and Related Services - Health Spa - Service Requirements", which is likely published by the end of 2023.
20:12, 2023/10/24
3D mapping night tour pilot at Hanoi Temple of Literature
The night tour of the Temple of Literature will be the fourth in Hanoi after those of Hoa Lo Prison Relics, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, and Vietnam Literature Museum.
08:02, 2023/10/24
Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2003 to take place in mid-November
This year's cultural event focuses on the Red River, the vital thread of Hanoi's historical, cultural, and socio-economic values.
07:55, 2023/10/24
Lively cultural tourism week in Van Phuc Craft Village
The event aims to promote the traditional silk weaving craft and boost local tourism.
21:06, 2023/10/23
Culinary show in Hanoi hosted by award-winning Austrian chef
For the first time, diners in Hanoi had the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious six-course menu prepared by Chef Stephan Zoisl of the award-winning "Chef's Table by Chef Stephan", Singapore.
19:46, 2023/10/21
Rare archival photos of Sword Lake in late 19th century on display
The black and white archival photos offer the public an opportunity to step back in time and gain insight into Hanoi a century ago.
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