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Touching moments recorded at Bach Mai Hospital under isolation
Nhat Minh 22:02, 2020/04/02
Many touching moments about physicians and medical staff have been recorded at Bach Mai Hospital, which has been the largest Covid-19 outbreak epicenter in Vietnam, over the last four days of isolation.

Since March 28, Bach Mai Hospital has been put under lockdown after several nurses and patients tested positive for the coronavirus. Then all physicians and medical staff have to be isolated, and while in isolation, they continue to give treatment and care to more than 1,300 patients.

 All the physicians and medical staff are treating and caring more than 1,300 patients, of them 800 are patients who cannot be discharged or transferred to other hospitals and other 552 with end-stage renal failure that require dialysis.
The hospital continues to operate under lockdown. Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Vuong Dinh Hue at a meeting on March 30 asked the Hanoi police to ensure security and safety for people in Bach Mai Hospital, receive and deliver meals and other basic necessities for doctors, nurses and patients in the hospital.
 Staff and doctors of Bach Mai Hospital undergo quarantine at a four-star hotel in Ha Dong district to recover strength after intense work. 

  One medical staff is taking a nap after a hard-working day.

 Most of the patients’ relatives are being isolated in a FPT University campus on the outskirts of Hanoi. Here, they are cared for by Bach Mai Hospital staff.
 As the hospital’s cafeteria has been locked down and all people working there are under quarantine, the hospital’s meals are now provided by an air catering services company. 

Photos: Dang Tu (Bach Mai Hospital)

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