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The romantic reed field adorns Hanoi’s iconic Long Bien Bridge
Jenna Duong- Ngoc Tu 08:09, 2021/10/31
The reed bed blankets the Red River’s alluvial ground under Long Bien Bridge, creating a romantic beauty for Hanoi in every late autumn.

The interval between early November and the end of December is the time when thousands of tiny reed flowers under Long Bien Bridge bloom, turning this place into a “photo-taking paradise” for nature lovers.

Dawn is the best time of the day to photograph the reeds. When warmed by the sun rays, the dewdrops on the reeds become crystal clear, glittering under the sunlight

This spacious reed field is located in Bai Giua or the alluvial strip, emerging in the middle of the Red River between Chuong Duong and Long Bien Bridge
This poetic scene may help relieve stress
View of the beautiful reeds through the hole in the railway bed at Long Bien Bridge

Different from other reeds that usually have white color, Red River’s reeds are dark yellow. The reeds grow so high that it reaches an adult’s chest and gather in large patches in the middle of the Red River.

 View of the reed bed from Long Bien Bridge in the sunset. The moment when the pace of life seems to slow down
The large reed field covers all over the spacious fertile alluvium in the Red River 
Thanks to the wildflower, the landscape of Long Bien Bridge becomes fanciful and attractive in every late autumn- early winter.

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