Osaka blossom adds vibrancy of Hanoi streets
Jenna Duong - Ngoc Tu 18:14, 2021/05/25
Flowers are like mirrors to the seasons, reflecting the passage of time, alongside with the red of flamboyant, the purple of Lagerstroemia, Osaka tree are dressing up Hanoi street with their brilliant yellow in the summer.

The Osaka flower season started in May and lasts until late June. Despite the hot and sunny weather of late May, Hanoi people still enjoy a stroll around the West Lake dazzled by shimmering yellow flowers.

The tiny trees are loaded with hundred tiny yellow flowers, evoking a sense of tranquility and pleasure among visitors to the lake.
Golden shower trees are in their full glory this time of the year, from May to early June. 
Bearing the Vietnamese name of “Muong Hoang Yen”, Osaka tree is also called “Lantern Flower”, “Water Scorpion”, “Yellow Scorpion”, “Late Blooming Apricot”, among others.
The vivid yellow color makes summer in the city more joyful.
The Osaka tree grows best in full sunlight and good drainage. The tree is usually 10 or 20 meters high, with a trunk diameter of about 40 centimeters.
Its yellow flowers grow in clusters, each being around 20 centimeters long, with dozens of small, beautiful flowers and buds. 
The tree is planted extensively in the countries in Southeast Asia. 

Each of these splendid flowers has five small petals that look like tiny lanterns hung overhead.

But the beautiful flowers are short-lived, only about a month and a half.

Their mild sweet fragrance is most intense early in the morning.
The plants with wonderful brilliant yellow flowers can brighten up a corner of the lake, even it stands alone.
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