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Romantic West Lake in the fall
Jenna Duong - Duy Khanh 10:07, 2022/09/24
West Lake, Hanoi is more charming with spectacular sunset scenes in autumn.

Hanoi’s autumn, which falls between August and October, is magnificent with gentle sunlight shining down from the greenery’s canopy while the fresh breeze fills up all over space.

West Lake, the biggest freshwater lake in Hanoi, becomes the place to enjoy the season which is the best time during the year for Hanoians to immerse themselves in the sunset’s romantic vibes

Located in the city’s northwest, Westlake is regarded as the most beautiful place for admiring sunset by many Hanoians. 

With some 500 hectares of water surface, it is the largest natural lake in the city that offers many corners to enjoy the sunset.

The huge orange sun gradually goes down every late afternoon, dyeing the lake with its sparkling golden light.

Wandering around the bank in the twilight is among the favorite things to do for both locals and foreign visitors.

The sky "dresses" in different clothes whose colors change at times, sometimes red and sometimes pink or multicolored, making the lake so romantic with the silhouettes of young couples walking hand in hand along the lake. The fascinating and peaceful image adds a touch of glamour to the city. 

The extraordinary romantic scenery in West Lake is one of the favorite themes in Hanoi for photographic creations.  

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