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First German warship visits Vietnam
Security is one of the pillars in the Vietnam-Germany relations and it becomes increasingly important in exercising the German Indo-Pacific Guidelines of 2020.
19:36, 2021/11/19
13th South China Sea Int’l conference: latest developments covered
Concerning the latest developments on the ground, participants stressed the importance of being fair to the fact in which “history is important in any territorial disputes.”
20:38, 2021/11/18
Vietnam protests Taiwan submarine deployment to Spratly islands
A Taiwan submarine was deployed to take part in a drill near the Spratly islands of Vietnam.
20:44, 2021/11/04
Vietnam demands China to withdraw from its waters
More than 150 Chinese vessels were visible in the northern half of Union Banks, which includes Vietnam’s Da Ba Dau (Whitsun Reef) in Spratlys.
20:21, 2021/10/21
Vietnam voices over USS Connecticut incident in South China Sea
The mishap has injured more than 10 sailors, but nobody was taken off the sub.
21:55, 2021/10/07
UK, New Zealand warships’ presence in the South China Sea: what is the stance of Vietnam?
Hanoi raised its voice over the presence of the UK’s Carrier Strike Group along with a New Zealand frigate in the South China Sea (called East Sea by Vietnam).
16:33, 2021/10/01
UK Royal navy ship HMS Richmond visits Viet Nam
The visit comes on the 10th anniversary of UK – Viet Nam defense cooperation and just two months after the first-ever visit to Vietnam by the UK Secretary of State for Defence in July.
17:49, 2021/09/24
Australia's navy visits to Vietnam indicate larger defense ties: Carl Thayer
Australia and Vietnam have a defense relationship that extends back to 1999.
21:35, 2021/09/23
Vietnam protests China’s dispatch of transport aircraft to Spratly islands
This is the first time China has confirmed the presence of Y-20 aircraft in Truong Sa (Spratly).
11:51, 2021/09/21
Australia, Vietnam navies boost maritime security cooperation
Defense and security cooperation is one of three priority areas in the Plan of Action for the Strategic Partnership in 2020-2023.
15:16, 2021/08/06
Germany, India send warships to South China Sea: Vietnam upholds free navigation
Vietnam said it advocates maritime activities that comply with international law and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) 1982.
18:34, 2021/08/05
Vietnam demands China to stop violations in Paracel islands
Vietnam requires no recurrence from Beijing in the future.
11:24, 2021/08/03
German warship sails for South China Sea after two decades
The journey shows Germany’s strategy on the diversification of economic partnerships and the strengthening of international law.
21:48, 2021/07/24
CBS 8021, Hamilton-class vessel docks at homeport in Vietnam
This is the second US Hamilton-class ship donated by the US government.
14:19, 2021/07/12
Five years after PCA verdict: China still ignores South China Sea ruling
China has rejected the ruling and claimed 90% of the South China Sea region within a so-called Nine-Dash Line. The region is contested by Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and Taiwan.
18:01, 2021/07/08
Vietnam protests China exploration plan in Paracel Archipelago
Vietnam said any scientific research activities in the waters of Spratly and Paracel islands without Vietnam’s permission is illegal and void.
16:15, 2021/07/01
Group of Friends launched to promote UNCLOS
The group, set up following an initiative launched by Vietnam and Germany, is an open forum for opening exchanges on issues of mutual interest.
20:29, 2021/06/24
Vietnam slams presence of China ship in Spratlys
Satellite imagery showed Chinese maritime patrol aircraft and ship at Fiery Cross Reef of Vietnam’s Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands.
05:49, 2021/06/12
2nd US Hamilton-class cutter on way to Vietnam
The vessel is transferred to Vietnam under the US Excess Defense Articles (EDA) program that offers excess military equipment to US partner and allied countries.
06:41, 2021/06/11
Vietnam opposes sovereignty violations on Spratly Islands
Hanoi said it slams all acts that infringe upon its sovereignty rights on the islands.
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