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Militia competition 2022 opens in Hanoi
Son Nguyen - Tran Long 20:38, 2022/11/10
The two-day event will select outstanding individuals and organizations for further training in the army.

The Hanoi Capital High Command on November 10 launched a competition for local militias to evaluate the quality of militia training in the city.

Martial art performance at the competition on November 10. Photo: The Hanoi Times

Through the two-day competition, the Hanoi Capital High Command will select outstanding individuals and units for further training and development.

The selected militias will then compete with others in the nationwide competition launched by the Ministry of Defense in 2023.

The contest is part of a series of activities in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the "Hanoi-Dien Bien Phu in the air" victory in December 2022, the 78th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam People's Army, and the 33rd anniversary of the National Defense Festival, both of which fall on December 22.

Competitors are the militias in the second year of service that have completed their full-year training and won the district-level qualifications.

Hanoi's militias will compete in 12 categories, which require them to excel in both theory and practice.

Some key performances include demonstrations of formations, bare-handed fighting, shooting, and techniques.

In his opening remarks, Major General Nguyen Quoc Duyet, Chief of the Hanoi Capital High Command, called for high accountability, honesty, and fairness of the organizers, judges, and referees when overseeing the games.

He also asked participating militias to demonstrate the spirit of unity, calm and confidence to overcome challenges and win the best results possible.

The major general demanded unit commanders review the performances of staff, based on which they will improve training methods to enhance the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of local militia units in the future.

In Vietnam, the militia is considered a crucial component of its national defense.

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