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Vietnam keeps close watch on all South China Sea developments: Spokesperson
Hanoi has stated that all activities in the South China Sea need to strictly abide by international law, respect sovereignty, sovereign right and jurisdiction of concerned parties in waters defined in UNCLOS 1982.
11:01, 2020/08/21
Vietnam protests China’s bomber deployment to Paracel islands
The Vietnamese foreign ministry said deploying weapons and fighter jets to the Paracels not only violates Vietnam’s sovereignty but also complicates the situation in the East Sea.
23:58, 2020/08/17
ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Statement sends message to both Beijing and Washington
ASEAN foreign ministers' first-time statement stresses the importance of multilateralism.
15:27, 2020/08/12
Australia takes action in South China Sea: Carl Thayer
The Morrison government has committed an amount of US$192 billion to modernize its defense capacity for the next decade.
11:28, 2020/08/06
South China Sea-related notes verbales might deal huge blow to China’s prestige: Thayer
Notes verbales, unsigned formal diplomatic communication, would largely ruin China’s legal position.
23:42, 2020/07/31
Malaysia turns down China’s South China Sea claims
With Malaysia's latest move, the rejection of China’s maritime claims in the resources-rich sea weighs on than ever before.
11:28, 2020/07/26
“South China Sea is not China’s maritime empire”: Mike Pompeo
Pompeo's wording indicates Washington's hard stance on China's maritime claims over South China Sea.
18:18, 2020/07/22
Respect Vietnam's legitimate interests in South China Sea: Hanoi tells Beijing
Vietnam urged China to refrain from further complicating the situation and not to expand disputes in the South China Sea.
23:21, 2020/07/18
US intensifies operations in South China Sea after denouncing Beijing's maritime claims
The US Navy said the presence of two carriers in the South China Sea is part of regular integration to exercise and develop tactical interoperability.
11:41, 2020/07/18
China deploys fighter jets to South China Sea
China showcases its fighter jets two days after the US rejected Beijing's claims in most of the South China Sea.
14:22, 2020/07/17
Malaysia and Australia advocate peaceful solution of South China Sea matters
So far, five countries have raised voice over the US crystal clear position in the South China Sea.
19:49, 2020/07/16
Vietnam rejects China's “historical evidence” argument in South China Sea
Vietnam emphasizes that all countries have a common duty and obligation to respect the basic principles of international law.
15:56, 2020/07/16
How Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia react to US rejection of China’s South China Sea claims?
Hanoi, Manila, and Jakarta have made comments shortly after the US strengthened position in the sea of more than US$5 trillion worth of trade transits per year.
06:39, 2020/07/16
US assists countries in South China Sea protect legal boundaries: Mike Pompeo
The US top diplomat said Washington is prepared to do the things necessary to assist countries in the region in protecting their valid legal claims.
06:23, 2020/07/16
Vietnam welcomes US stance on South China Sea
Vietnam hopes other countries to make efforts to contribute to the maintenance of peace and stability in the South China Sea.
10:21, 2020/07/14
US rejects China's claims in most of South China Sea
Washington said the world will not allow Beijing to treat the South China Sea as its maritime empire.
13:08, 2020/07/04
Vietnam, US, Philippines denounce China’s drills in South China Sea
Chinese military exercises are denounced to be "highly provocative."
16:23, 2020/07/03
Vietnam protests China's military exercises in South China Sea
The military exercises are the latest in a long string of China’s actions to assert unlawful maritime claims in the disputed sea.
11:32, 2020/07/03
Seismic surveys in Vietnam EEZ must be authorized by Hanoi: Spokesperson
Any geological surveys in Vietnam's EEZ is only lawful with Hanoi's authorization.
18:10, 2020/07/02
China agrees to resume negotiations on COC in South China Sea
No meeting on COC has been held since the beginning of this year due to Covid-19.
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