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Vietnamese posters depict fight for freedom
The 15 best works were selected from over 1,000 entries in the propaganda poster competition to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Victory (May 7, 1954 - 2024).
20:29, 2024/05/07
Dien Bien Phu Battle in memories of war veterans
Soldiers and volunteers were essential to winning the Battle of Dien Bien Phu for their resilience, toughness, and determination.
21:18, 2024/04/30
Vietnamese people flock to Dien Bien Phu to commemorate resounding victory
Visitors travel to Dien Bien to honor those who gave their lives to defend their country's independence and show gratitude for the peace they currently enjoy.
19:03, 2023/05/18
Vietnam opposes China’s violations in East Sea
Vietnam said it has the legal basis and evidence to prove its sovereignty over islands in the East Sea (internationally known as the South China Sea).
10:12, 2020/09/29
US accuses China of breaking promise not to militarize South China Sea
Chinese President Xi Jinping said five years ago that China’s outposts would not “target or impact any country.”
16:29, 2020/09/22
Lawfare in the South China Sea weighs on with EU Three rejection
The E3 is believed to boost their presence in the South China Sea to protect freedom of navigation.
15:01, 2020/09/18
Vietnam reasserts sovereignty over South China Sea after US embassy post
The Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagos are inseparable part of Vietnam’s territory.
18:27, 2020/09/16
UK joins choir defying China’s South China Sea claims
The UK is the third country outside the South China Sea region to protest China’s claims in the resources-rich sea.
16:41, 2020/09/14
ASEAN given important role in US Indo-Pacific strategy
The 10-state bloc defines Indo-Pacific as the regions presenting both opportunities and challenges.
03:05, 2020/09/11
ASEAN welcomes US’s constructive role in South China Sea
Vietnam's foreign minister expressed “serious concern” over ongoing developments on the ground, including serious incidents, continued militarization.
18:57, 2020/09/09
COC talks to resume by December: Filipino FM
ASEAN and China have negotiated on such a COC since 2002 with a view to reaching law-abiding rules on the South China Sea, but the coronavirus outbreak has delayed the talks.
14:03, 2020/09/09
ASEAN endeavors to formulate ‘substantive’ COC: Vietnam FM
ASEAN will persistently hold onto its principled position, emphasizing self-restraints, peaceful settlement of all disputes on the basis of international law, including 1982 UNCLOS,
11:00, 2020/09/03
US advances Indo-Pacific agenda with Pompeo’s engagement
The vision of freedom of navigation in Pacific waters was promoted to challenge China's assertiveness in the South China Sea.
08:33, 2020/09/01
Hanoi protests Beijing's missile launch in East Sea
Vietnam said China’s activities violate Vietnamese sovereignty and jeopardize freedom of navigation in the sea.
10:30, 2020/08/31
US ups ante against China in East Sea
Washington has made concrete steps after it declared crystal clear position on Beijing’s claims over water and seabed rights.
23:37, 2020/08/28
Vietnam releases postage stamps “Vietnam’s Sea and Islands”
The stamps are available in the nationwide postal network from August 27 to June 30, 2022.
14:57, 2020/08/27
US punishes China companies for involving in South China Sea land reclamation
Washington blames Beijing of using coercion against Southeast Asian claimants to inhibit their access to offshore resources.
15:24, 2020/08/26
China’s military exercises violate Vietnam’s sovereignty, Hanoi says
Vietnam said China’s recurrent exercises harm the negotiations on the Code of Conduct of Parties (COC) in the South China Sea.
18:41, 2020/08/24
China conducts another military exercise in Paracels: Carl Thayer
China must demonstrate that it is capable of standing up to the US.
11:43, 2020/08/24
Vietnam, China celebrate 20th anniversary of land border treaty
Vietnam and China reached consensus on land border after 36 years of negotiations.
16:16, 2020/08/21
Vietnam keeps close watch on all South China Sea developments: Spokesperson
Hanoi has stated that all activities in the South China Sea need to strictly abide by international law, respect sovereignty, sovereign right and jurisdiction of concerned parties in waters defined in UNCLOS 1982.
11:01, 2020/08/21
Vietnam protests China’s bomber deployment to Paracel islands
The Vietnamese foreign ministry said deploying weapons and fighter jets to the Paracels not only violates Vietnam’s sovereignty but also complicates the situation in the East Sea.
23:58, 2020/08/17
ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Statement sends message to both Beijing and Washington
ASEAN foreign ministers' first-time statement stresses the importance of multilateralism.
15:27, 2020/08/12
Australia takes action in South China Sea: Carl Thayer
The Morrison government has committed an amount of US$192 billion to modernize its defense capacity for the next decade.
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