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Vietnam sets up more maritime militias
The militia squadrons are tasked with reconnaissance and maritime exploitation
19:37, 2021/06/08
South China Sea issues test ASEAN-China relations
Indonesia’s foreign minister said ASEAN and China need to continue discussing the Code of Conduct (COC), which progress remains very slow.
20:39, 2021/06/07
Code of Conduct in the South China Sea must be substantive: Vietnam diplomat
Countries express concern that unilateral activities in the South China Sea (called East Sea by Vietnam) recently have increased tensions and eroded trust.
21:50, 2021/06/02
Asia-Pacific addresses emerging maritime issues
Australia and Canada shared the same view with Vietnam on describing UNCLOS as the legal framework for settling maritime challenges.
05:22, 2021/05/28
Vietnam demands the Philippines end violations on Thitu Island: Spox
Vietnam has historical evidence and legal basis to claim its sovereignty over the Spratly Islands that are in line with international law.
19:16, 2021/05/13
Vietnam keeps close watch on latest South China Sea developments: Spox
Vietnam said it has full legal foundation and historical evidence to back its sovereignty claims over Spratlys.
22:19, 2021/05/06
US supports ASEAN in South China Sea issues
The Biden Administration advocates for the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific (AOIP).
12:47, 2021/04/30
China’s fishing ban in South China Sea goes against international law, Hanoi says
International experts said China’s fishing ban challenges rule-based order.
07:01, 2021/04/09
Firms must respect Vietnam’s sovereignty
Vietnam raised voice after the rampant violations of many international fashion brands.
20:06, 2021/04/08
Vietnam’s army gets ready to protect sovereignty: Spokesperson
Vietnam said its maritime law enforcement forces are performing the obligations specified in Vietnam and international law.
11:07, 2021/04/08
Fado.vn stops selling H&M products
Fado is the first e-commerce platform in Vietnam to stop selling H&M products because the brand does not respect the country’s sovereignty
05:49, 2021/04/04
H&M faces boycott in Vietnam over nine-dash line
H&M said last week it wanted to regain the trust of its customers in China
20:01, 2021/03/25
China needs to stop violating Vietnam’s waters: Spokesperson
Hanoi demands Beijing to end violations and respect its waters.
21:59, 2021/03/11
Vietnam welcomes US Security Guidance
The guidance addresses threats to the world and Washington’s commitments to strengthening alliances.
22:23, 2021/03/04
Germany to send warship to South China Sea after 20 years
Berlin announced the deployment of its warship to the sea is in line with its policy adopted in September 2020.
20:52, 2021/02/25
Foreign ministry spokesperson opposes China's intrusion of Vietnam's waters
China Coast Guard vessel has tracked to approach the oil platform within Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone.
21:26, 2021/02/04
Vietnam welcomes efforts to maintain freedom of navigation
All peoples and the international community have common interest in maintaining and promoting peace and stability in the sea.
06:16, 2021/02/04
Japan, UK concerned about China maritime law
The two countries see China’s escalating influence and military activity in the region as a security threat.
13:30, 2021/01/30
Vietnam voices serious concern over China’s newly-enacted Coast Guard Law
Vietnam vows to conduct all possible measures to defend its legitimate sovereignty and jurisdiction in the East Sea.
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