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Japan rejects China’s claims in South China Sea
Japan is the 10th country rejecting China’s maritime claims in the South China Sea (called East Sea by Vietnam) following Malaysia’s initial role with a Note Verbale submitted in December 2019.
16:21, 2021/01/18
US reaffirms to stand with Southeast Asian claimants in the South China Sea
Washington said it is taking additional actions to defend sovereignty rights and interests of ASEAN member countries who are claimants in the South China Sea (called East Sea by Vietnam) dispute.
14:19, 2020/12/31
CNOOC – Extension of China’s influence in South China Sea: Experts
The third-largest Chinese state oil firm is said on the forefront of China’s sovereignty combat against the other countries.
09:13, 2020/12/23
USS John S. McCain conducts FONOP in East Sea
Washington said the US challenges excessive maritime claims around the world regardless of the identity of the claimant.
10:04, 2020/12/05
Rampant violations of Vietnam’s sovereignty found on apps
Vietnamese people have been warned of the insert of Chinese unilaterally-declared map into apps.
12:27, 2020/12/04
Vietnam demands China end violations at sea
Hanoi said the drill performance is a serious violation of Vietnam's sovereignty.
23:51, 2020/11/29
How Vietnam modernizes its army
Since 2017, naval power has been the priority of Vietnam’s military modernization program.
13:43, 2020/11/29
How East Sea issues weigh on at ASEAN meetings?
ASEAN is urged to keep its position to maintain balance and regard UNCLOS 1982 as the legal basis of all activities at sea.
00:54, 2020/11/28
Incidents in East Sea and rule-based approach
A famous expert said that working groups need to be set up to operationalize relevant international conventions.
01:47, 2020/11/25
Vietnam struggles against China's tactics in East Sea
Vietnam is advised to consider the possibility of joint patrols along with the coast guards of other nations.
00:46, 2020/11/20
Note verbale 'warfare' debated at East Sea conference in Hanoi
Experts believe that smaller countries can collectively and peacefully address disputes through note verbales.
00:12, 2020/11/20
Many countries urge no militarization in East Sea
ASEAN countries and China have been urged to speed up COC negotiations.
13:07, 2020/11/16
Stakeholders need to prevent unplanned clashes in East Sea: Vietnam diplomat
Geo-strategic competition and militarization in the East Sea continues the change the status quo, and further complicating the situation on the ground.
09:58, 2020/11/14
ASEAN reaffirms position on keeping East Sea peaceful
The 10-member bloc demands the code of conduct (COC) in the South China Sea (called East Sea by Vietnam) be effective and substantive.
23:21, 2020/11/10
Chinese technology firm found inserting illegal nine-dash line on app
Vietnamese netizens have reported the violation to Google and Apple.
01:52, 2020/11/07
Hanoi watchful of China’s possible use of weapons in East Sea
Hanoi said it wants to convey a message in ASEAN and the region on the protection of fishermen’s legitimate rights and interests.
18:33, 2020/11/04
ASEAN, China renew pledge to humane treatment toward fishermen at sea
Humane treatment toward fishermen in distress is part of the implementation of an agreement signed in 2002 between ASEAN and China.
16:48, 2020/10/20
Japan strongly condemns all acts escalating tensions in South China Sea: PM Suga
Japan Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) policy and ASEAN's Outlook on the Indo-Pacific share much in common.
01:54, 2020/10/17
ASEAN welcomes further maritime cooperation with Quad, Hanoi says
The Quad can deepen engagement with ASEAN in defending freedom of navigation.
00:46, 2020/10/17
Vietnam protests establishment of Chinese businesses on South China Sea islands
A Vietnamese foreign ministry spokesperson has again affirmed that Vietnam it has full legal basis and historical evidence to assert its sovereignty over Hoang Sa and Truong Sa Islands.
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