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Seismic surveys in Vietnam EEZ must be authorized by Hanoi: Spokesperson
Any geological surveys in Vietnam's EEZ is only lawful with Hanoi's authorization.
18:10, 2020/07/02
China agrees to resume negotiations on COC in South China Sea
No meeting on COC has been held since the beginning of this year due to Covid-19.
19:38, 2020/06/29
ASEAN quotes UNCLOS for South China Sea claims in Hanoi statement
ASEAN said the 1982 UNCLOS sets out the legal framework within which all activities in the oceans and seas must obey.
17:04, 2020/06/14
Vietnam demands China to compensate its fishermen in intentional ramming case
This is the second time in less than two months that Vietnamese fishermen were attacked by Chinese vessels.
17:17, 2020/06/13
Vietnam demands China to investigate ramming of Vietnamese fishing boat
On June 10, a Chinese vessel assaulted Vietnamese fishermen, leaving the boat capsized at sea.
23:10, 2020/06/12
US sends notes against Chinese maritime claims to UN: Hanoi says 'normal practice'
Vietnam said nations that uphold and comply with international law should be respected.
12:05, 2020/06/12
Vietnam protests China's laying of undersea cables near disputed islands
Vietnam's foreign ministry called on related parties to stop complicating the South China Sea situation.
16:09, 2020/06/10
What does China's potential ADIZ over South China Sea imply?
At present, China does not have the capacity to declare a military ADIZ over the entire South China Sea.
18:52, 2020/06/03
US challenges China to win over littoral states bullied by China: Carl Thayer
The move provides the legal rationale for naval and air operations.
09:36, 2020/06/03
US protests China’s unlawful maritime claims at the UN
The US is the fifth countries protesting China's claims in the South China Sea.
07:52, 2020/05/30
Indonesia weighs in ASEAN countries to protest Chinese South China Sea claims
From December 2019 to March 2020, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam sent circular notes to the UN to protest China's maritime claims.
07:53, 2020/05/29
Vietnam-US defense ties maintain growth momentum, Hanoi says
Hanoi made the statement following the news on the transfer of USCGC John Midgett (WHEC 726) to Vietnam's Coast Guard.
22:37, 2020/05/28
China dredging in South China Sea violates Vietnam's sovereignty, int'l law: Spokesperson
Chinese ships are dredging more than 100,000 tons a day.
12:37, 2020/05/16
Bayer Vietnam CEO fined for disseminating nine-dash line map
The CEO admitted that she sent an attached file having the illegal nine-dash line.
10:13, 2020/05/15
Chinese maritime patrol aircraft spotted on Vietnamese islands
Hanoi said all activities in Vietnam's Paracel and Spratly islands without its permission are null and void.
15:16, 2020/05/13
Vietnam netizens furious at Bayer’s documents containing China's nine-dash line
Vietnamese netizens call for the dismissal of Bayer Vietnam managing director and boycott of its products.
18:47, 2020/05/08
Vietnam rejects China's unilateral fishing ban
On May 4, the Vietnam Fishing Society protested the ban that it called absurd.
10:00, 2020/05/08
US beefs up FONOPS in South China Sea since Trump presidency: Carl Thayer
The latest patrols took place on April 28-29 without encountering any unsafe or unprofessional behavior from Chinese military.
08:35, 2020/05/07
China acts aggressively in South China Sea: US defense secretary
China is blamed to attempt to exploit the Covid-19 crisis to their benefit at the expense of others.
10:22, 2020/05/05
China’s fishing ban in South China Sea is absurd: Vietnam society
The three-and-a-half-month ban totally goes against international law, including UNCLOS.
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