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Vietnam rejects China’s so-called “nine-dash line” in South China Sea
The spokesperson made the statement in response to reporters’ queries about Vietnam’s reaction to the publication of images of Chinese map with the “nine-dash line” by some social networking accounts registered as Chinese overseas representative missions.
10:25, 2020/03/11
Carrier visit highlights US strong support for Vietnam: Adm. Aquilino
The visit, following the historic 2018 visit of USS Carl Vinson, demonstrated the strong US commitment to its comprehensive partnership with Vietnam and to a free and open Indo-Pacific.
17:12, 2020/03/05
US aircraft carrier visit contributes to regional peace, security: Spokesperson
The visit of the USS Theodore Roosevelt is a demonstration of US commitment to the region and that its presence in the South China Sea is welcomed by Vietnam.
12:19, 2020/03/05
Envoy says Vietnam-US relationship “strongest ever” as aircraft carrier visits Danang
The port visit "serves as evidence of the US commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific."
11:56, 2020/03/05
Second US aircraft carrier visits Danang after Vietnam War
The visit signals Washington's intends to remain the pre-eminent naval power in the South China Sea.
18:34, 2020/03/03
Japan to transfer military shipbuilding technology to Vietnam
Defense aspect of the bilateral relations made headline again with a number of cooperation activities recently.
10:49, 2020/01/03
Vietnam to build maritime militias in 14 coastal provinces
This kind of military force will be entrusted two missions namely sovereignty protection and economic development.
16:19, 2019/12/30
Vietnam, China continue negotiating on delimitation of Gulf of Tonkin
Signed in 2000, the maritime delimitation agreement in the Gulf of Tonkin establishes the first maritime boundary between China and Vietnam.
15:31, 2019/12/30
Considering necessary military relations – new formulation in Vietnam Defense White Paper
Vietnam's White Paper is believed one of the most important official documents on defense and military strategy.
08:45, 2019/12/30
US Air Force affirms regular activities in South China Sea
US Air Force generals asserted that though they don’t get as much press coverage as the Navy’s freedom of navigation operations, the Air Force’s activities in the South China Sea are still carried out regularly.
11:13, 2019/12/25
Regional countries join chorus to show concern about South China Sea situation
Chinese aggression in the South China Sea has angered regional countries which demand Beijing to closely follow international law.
12:16, 2019/12/21
Vietnam publicly showcases modern weapons
The exhibition displays modern weaponry, marking a rare move in the country in which military issues have not been normally publicized.
00:41, 2019/12/15
Vietnam, US hold defense policy dialogue in Washington DC
Vietnam has appeared to be a valuable partner for Washington in the Indo-Pacific region amid China’s militarization of islands in the South China Sea.
10:53, 2019/12/14
China risks flare-up over Vietnamese gas resources: CSIS
China’s escalation aims to harass Vietnam’s long-standing oil operations in the South China Sea.
18:45, 2019/12/13
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force calls for stronger ties with Vietnam
Hanoi and Tokyo have been boosting their defense ties as part of their broader extensive strategic partnership over the past few years.
11:11, 2019/12/06
Vietnam reasserts sovereignty over South China Sea as China deploys airship to reef
Vietnam has sufficient legal ground and historical evidence to prove its sovereignty over the Truong Sa and Hoang Sa archipelagoes in line with international law, a Vietnamese spokesperson has stated.
16:28, 2019/12/03
Vietnam, Philippines boost cooperation in maritime space
Hanoi and Manila have been tightening maritime cooperation in the face of shared challenges which are largely caused by Chinese aggression in the South China Sea.
07:55, 2019/12/01
Vietnam, China agree to maintain dialogue on South China Sea issues
Tensions in the South China Sea remain as Beijing shows coercion in the sea over the past years.
09:51, 2019/11/28
What’s new in Vietnam 2019 Defense White Paper?
Vietnam emphasizes self-sufficiency and reaffirms the "Three No's" policy which is now added with one point: not use force or threaten to use force in international relations.
10:28, 2019/11/26
Vietnam, India advance defense ties
Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh affirms that Vietnam is the most important partner in India's Look East policy.
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