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Vietnamese navy boosts cooperation
Minh Vu 11:49, 2022/03/10
The vessels of the Vietnamese Navy will conduct patrolling and convoy escorting and protect maritime exclusive economic zones.

Two Vietnamese warships took part in different joint maritime exercises with foreign navies within the first week of March, increasing their performance in local and international waters.

 Vietnamese marines in joint patrols with Frech Vendémiaire frigate in Vietnam's waters. Photos: VGP

On Mar 5, Gepard-class frigate 015-Tran Hung Dao engaged in joint patrols with France’s Vendémiaire frigate in Vietnam’s waters during the visit to Cam Ranh Port by the French Navy (Marine Nationale) between Mar 1 and Mar 5.

Vietnamese sailors and more than 100 officers and marines abroad Floréal-class frigate conducted a Passing Exercise (PASSEX) and other operations of the joint training in the waters off Vietnam’s central coast.

Vendémiaire frigate’s stopover highlights the France-Vietnam cooperation and demonstrates France’s commitment to freedom of navigation and overflight at sea, according to French Ambassador to Vietnam Nicolas Warnery.

Port calls to Vietnam and joint exercise are within activities by the Marine Nationale in the Indo-Pacific that aim to strengthen France’s commitment to the region, reflected in four main areas namely security and defense; economy; multilateralism and the rule of law; climate change and sustainable management of the oceans. These challenges are shared by the European Union (EU) and represent the desire of France and the EU to cooperate with Vietnam and with ASEAN, which is the center of the Indo-Pacific region.

 Vietnam vessel joins the India-led multilateral naval exercise (MILAN 2022) in the Bay of Bengal.

Meanwhile, missile defense vessel 016-Quang Trung joined the India-led multilateral naval exercise (MILAN 2022) in the Bay of Bengal on Feb 25-Mar 4.

Quang Trung vessel engaged in activities at the biennial congregation that gathered 26 ships, 21 aircraft and one submarine from 46 countries.

The frigate together with seven ships from India, France, Sri Lanka, and Seychelles performed a series of exercises involving communications, team movements, sea logistics, and boat training, as well as launching artillery fire, handling situations at sea, and dealing with mechanical and technical problems.

The ship maneuvered across 500 nautical miles in 56 hours.

Nguyen Van Ngan, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy Region 4, said participating in drills at sea enables the Vietnamese Navy to demonstrate its qualifications to master weapons and equipment, and to improve coordination with navies of other countries.

Built by Russia’s Zelenodolsk Shipyard, Tran Hung Dao and Quang Trung missile frigates were commissioned in 2017 and 2018, respectively.   

The ships in the class displace 1,500 tons and carry artillery, antiaircraft and antisubmarine weaponry and anti-ship missiles as well. The frigates will conduct patrolling and convoy escorting and protect maritime exclusive economic zones.

The hull and superstructure are constructed primarily of steel, with some aluminum magnesium being used in the upper superstructure. They are equipped with fin stabilizers and twin rudders and can use either gas turbines or diesel for propulsion in a combined diesel or gas (CODOG) configuration.

Vietnam’s Navy is organized into five Naval Regions No.1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and affiliated units. The Navy’s main forces are the units of surface ships, coastal artillery and land-to-sea missiles, marine, naval commando, and island defense forces. 

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