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Vietnamese doctors master single-port endoscopy
Pediatric Surgery Ward at Hanoi-based Saint Paul General Hospital is one of two centers in the world to perform laparoscopic common bile duct surgery without complications.
19:52, 2023/12/03
Hanoi upholds heritage education for students
Hanoi has set a target of 2025 for all schools in the city to take students to historical relics and local cultural heritage at least once per academic year.
18:21, 2023/11/04
Treatment abroad no longer necessary for Vietnamese heart patients: Minister of Health
In Vietnam, approximately 200,000 people die each year from cardiovascular disease, accounting for 33% of all deaths.
15:00, 2023/11/18
Health sector joins efforts against climate change
Joining the WHO-led mechanism to deliver climate commitments is part of Vietnam’s efforts to concretize its low carbon emissions goals towards the net-zero strategy by 2050.
18:15, 2023/04/09
Hanoi: Various activities to celebrate Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day 2023
A wide range of book-related activities has been launched in Hanoi, effectively spreading and developing the reading culture in the city.
14:39, 2023/04/09
Hanoi urges people to lead healthy lifestyles
The goal of the event is the promotion of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle for everyone.
16:02, 2023/04/06
Hanoi’s health sector enhances management and service standards
As a consequence of social development and the advancement of scientific knowledge, the capital city's quality of medical services is under pressure to improve continuously.
18:41, 2023/04/03
Hanoi to increase the frequency of employment fairs in Q2 2023
Hanoi will focus on tourism, high-tech manufacturing, automation, information technology, high-tech agriculture, logistics, and the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
15:40, 2023/04/03
Hanoi invests $2.17 billion to build public schools through 2025
The city is considering exceptional investment incentives beyond the current legal requirements to attract cash inflows in the education sector.
11:22, 2023/04/01
Hanoi fosters mass cycling
As one of the three localities in the country with the strongest cycling movements, Hanoi is promoting cycling among sports enthusiasts and working to ensure its long-term sustainability.
15:46, 2023/03/30
New national-standard schools in Hanoi accredited
The number of national-standard schools in Hanoi has increased to 1,620, or 72.3% of all the schools in the city.
20:00, 2023/03/29
There cannot be another genocide: Ambassadors
To prevent similar genocides, the world must eliminate hatred and preserve friendship and love.
13:56, 2023/03/27
Hanoi Chess Cup for Youngsters attracts 250 students
The aim of the tournament is to search for young chess talents in Hanoi for national and international chess competitions.
06:57, 2023/03/23
Vietnam steps up vigilance against deadly Marburg
There is currently no vaccine or specific treatment for Marburg virus disease.
16:07, 2023/03/15
Hanoi takes lead in 2022-23 National Excellent Student Contest
The top winners will be selected to compete in the 2023 Regional and International Olympiads to take place in April.
20:33, 2023/03/10
British couple thank Vietnamese health workers for saving their lives
"We are very grateful to the Vietnamese doctors and nurses here for saving our lives. So we decided to come back and express our sincere gratitude to our heroes".
16:19, 2023/03/06
Hanoi to host the 30th Vietnam Medi-Pharm Expo
Vietnam Medi-Pharm Expo has well-promoted trade between countries and regions, creating opportunities for enterprises to promote products, enhance the exchange of experience, expand markets, and transfer technologies.
10:03, 2023/03/03
Vietnam closely monitors passengers from H5N1-stricken areas
Vietnam keeps an eye on severe pneumonia cases in medical facilities and transport of poultry.
21:21, 2023/02/23
Hanoi's students to take 10th-grade entrance exam in June
The 10th grade entrance exam in Hanoi is notoriously stressful.
15:03, 2023/02/19
Hanoi to build 10 new hospitals by 2025
The capital city needs at least 4,200 more beds to guarantee healthcare for the population.
21:25, 2023/02/14
Hanoi to reduce third childbirth rate this year
Hanoi has been trying to keep the birth rate reasonably low and control the sex ratio at birth.
21:15, 2023/02/14
ChatGPT is a good assistance for teachers: Educational specialists
The AI-based program will help teachers improve their teaching performance, not replace them.
08:02, 2023/02/11
Vietnamese students bag gold medals at World Invention Creativity Olympic 2023
At the contest, secondary and high school students worldwide were offered the chance to present their innovations.
20:33, 2023/02/08
Diverse activities to be held at Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day 2023
Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day aims to develop the reading movement among the community, contributing to building a learning society.
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