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First Vietnamese physician nominated for WHO Western Pacific directorship
Dr. Huong is the Director of the WHO Division of Program for Disease Control in the Western Pacific.
15:40, 2023/09/05
Hanoi multiplies model of high-quality traditional medicine clinics
The Oriental Traditional Medicine Association of Hanoi has set up traditional medicine clinics in 30 districts with more than 4,000 members.
15:09, 2023/08/30
Hanoi hospitals adjust service charges, remain confused about new pricing rule
The new circular on healthcare prices aims to ensure benefits for both patients and public healthcare institutions.
05:10, 2023/08/15
Vietnam strengthens cooperation in vaccines and biologics for disease prevention
The world can only push back and stop diseases if all countries have equal access to vaccines.
18:04, 2023/08/27
Hanoi to complete four major hospitals at gateways by 2025
The new hospitals would be an upgrade of the city's health care system to international standards.
23:24, 2023/08/19
Vietnam holds historic meeting to protect human, animal and environmental health
Paying attention to human, animal, and environmental health is a collaborative approach that aims to achieve optimal health outcomes by recognizing the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment.
13:43, 2023/08/12
Hanoi students win KIYO 4i with excellent results
The goal of KIYO 4i is to promote the creativity of young people in science and technology and to provide them with real-world experience.
13:01, 2023/08/10
Vietnam calls on Abbott to invest in pharmaceutical industry
The Vietnamese Government prioritizes promoting nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment to help keep people healthy.
15:12, 2023/08/08
Another five-star hospital to be opened in Hanoi in 2025
When completed, the hospital will feature advanced early warning equipment for neurosurgery, minimally invasive surgery, and rapid post-operative recovery.
19:03, 2023/07/28
WHO, UNICEF support Vietnam in routine childhood immunization
The Expanded Program on Immunization has been in place in Vietnam since 1981, with support from WHO and UNICEF.
17:46, 2023/07/25
Ho Chi Minh City to host 400 exhibitors at Vietnam Medipharm Expo 2023
The three-day expo, the largest of its kind, aims to promote trade links and develop the medical and pharmaceutical market in Vietnam.
17:07, 2023/07/23
Digital application brings high efficiency with telehealth in Vietnam
The innovative software implementation reduces the financial burden of remote medical care and enhances the skills of community-based health workers, fostering a more resilient health system.
09:51, 2023/07/11
Pneumococcal vaccine to be added to expanded immunization program in Hanoi
The move aims to improve the quality of care and protect residents' health in the new situation through vaccination.
21:05, 2023/06/28
New Zealand helps curb infectious diseases in Vietnam
The equipment, together with another part supporting community-level economic recovery, emphasizes the need for stronger primary health care services.
21:31, 2023/06/04
Heartbeat Vietnam celebrates 10,000 congenital heart saves
Heartbeat Vietnam has funded life-saving heart operations for financially disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects (CHD) in Vietnam over the past 17 years.
18:07, 2023/05/29
Vietnam to establish warehouses for orphan drugs
Vietnam's legal framework for orphan drugs is in place to enable hospitals to have storage plans.
15:27, 2023/05/23
Vietnam aims to be ASEAN's vaccine production hub
Through international experience and collaboration among key stakeholders, Vietnam aims to become a regional leader in vaccine production.
18:12, 2023/05/15
Vietnam secures Covid-19 vaccine supply for expanded immunization program
The national program ensuring the supply of Covid-19 vaccines will focus on educating and training human resources.
17:34, 2023/05/11
Global Fund pledges support for Vietnam to end AIDS, TB and malaria
The Global Fund continues to support Vietnam to promote its achievements, mobilize resources and share experiences in the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria.
16:48, 2023/05/10
It’s high time to scale up HPV vaccination
Vietnam may be able to eradicate cervical cancer over the next 30 years if HPV vaccination rates are increased to reach 90% of teenage girls and 70% of females undergoing HPV-based screening.
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