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UNICEF calls upon Vietnam to address child undernutrition
It’s the time to accelerate ongoing efforts by including examinations and treatments of severe wasting children in the revision of law.
11:38, 2022/05/10
Google Doodle honors Vietnam's famous doctor
The doctor, who strove for study and research when Vietnam was under French colonial rule, was the author of world-class medical advancements.
21:06, 2022/05/06
UNFPA supports Vietnam for better policy making in population
Data collection is regarded as an important factor in evidence-based policies for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in Vietnam.
17:06, 2022/05/05
Vietnam passes Covid-19 severe period, case fatality at 0.4%
The Covid-19 pandemic has been controlled with a big drop in infections, severe cases, and deaths.
08:30, 2022/05/01
WHO representative awarded Vietnam’s insignia “For the people's health”
The WHO representative has continuously helped the capacity building of Vietnam’s health system, especially in remote and isolated areas, as well as the training and development of medical human resources in the country.
17:13, 2022/04/22
Over one million people get Covid-19 e-passport
People, including foreigners, are advised to contact local healthcare centers to get vaccine passports or update information on the Covid-19 vaccination portal website https://tiemchungcovid19.gov.vn.
20:21, 2022/04/05
PM requests to inoculate kids aged 5-11 against Covid-19 in second quarter
The vaccination for children aged 5-11 will begin as soon as the vaccines arrive in Vietnam.
18:14, 2022/03/22
Hanoi opens first breast milk bank to help at-risk infants
According to studies, breast milk is the most important measure to reduce mortality among kids.
17:12, 2022/03/15
Foreign arrivals to Vietnam to be exempted from isolation
The Health Ministry’s proposal comes at the request of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam to ease requirements for tourists in the new normal.
18:19, 2022/03/14
Vietnam sets target to complete administering booster shots in March
Vaccines are still effective in reducing severity, mortality and hospitalization, even with the Omicron strain.
14:40, 2022/03/12
UNFPA helps Vietnam secure middle-income status
The five-year program helped Vietnam secure middle-income country status.
20:14, 2022/03/08
KOICA gifts 9.45 million syringes to Vietnam for Covid-19 prevention
The syringes are to help Vietnam fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.
20:09, 2022/03/06
MoH proposes asymptomatic Covid-19 patients go to work
Asymptomatic Covid-19 people in self-isolation period can voluntarily go to work if they strictly follow the regulations of the health sector.
13:09, 2022/03/03
Pfizer vaccine doses for children aged 5-11 to arrive in Vietnam this month
Children aged 5-11 would be administered with a 0.2ml (10 mcg) of Pfizer each dose.
15:00, 2022/02/28
PM expresses appreciation to health workers’ dedication to public health
Vietnamese health workers have shown their spirit of pure solidarity, deep love for patients.
16:01, 2022/02/24
Benefits of kid inoculating outweigh risks: Experts
Being vaccinated will help to minimize disruption to kids' education, routines, and other things that are important to their wellbeing.
15:47, 2022/02/21
Vietnam’s health ministry lowers Covid-19 test prices amid high demand
Imposing the price cap on test kits is necessary in the context of soaring infections across Vietnam.
21:11, 2022/02/18
Vietnam gives nod to first Covid-19 treatment drug Molnupiravir
Molnupiravir drug helps reduce viral load in the early stages of Covid-19, reducing risks of severe symptoms and deaths.
17:55, 2022/02/16
The US helps Vietnam close tuberculosis detection and treatment gaps
The donation, including drugs to treat 15,000 patients with latent tuberculosis infection for three months, will be distributed nationwide.
20:15, 2022/02/10
Over 60% of Vietnamese parents give consent to Covid-19 vaccination for children aged 5-11: MoH’s survey
Vaccination for children aged 5-11 years would be on a recommendation basis and safety would be the highest priority.
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