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Vietnamese journalists get expertise from Indian experts
Kieu Thoan Thu 17:05, 2024/03/22
The well-organized training program is expected to foster cross-cultural exchange and reinforce bilateral ties between India and ITEC member countries for an extended period.

Nearly 30 journalists from Vietnam are attending a course on journalism and public relations provided by Indian experts in a program sponsored by India’s Ministry of External Affairs. 

 Dr. Shashank Goel, Director General of the Institute and Special Chief Secretary to the Government of Telangana. Photos: MCR HRD Institute

The two-week course “Journalism and Public Relations for Media Professionals from Vietnam” is in the framework of the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Program (ITEC) – the bilateral assistance platform launched by the Government of India in 1964.

Designed for Vietnam, the program hosted by Dr. Marri Channa Reddy Human Resource Development Institute of Telangana (Dr. MCR HRD) Institute of Telangana, aims to bolster cross-cultural exchange and capacity building.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Dr. Shashank Goel, Director General of the Institute and Special Chief Secretary to the Government of Telangana, Prof. Mohammed Ali, Senior Academic Advisor of the Institute, and Dr. Madhavi Ravulapati, Course Director and Head of CLP.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Shashank stressed the importance of journalism and public relations in society, holding power to account, and facilitating informed decision-making.

“In the context of Vietnam, known for its colorful cultural heritage, exciting journey of economic development, and rich democratic traditions, the importance of further diversifying and enriching the skills of its media professionals assumes great importance,” Goel said.

He highlighted the transformative impact on shaping societies and driving global discourse of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), YouTube, and LinkedIn, among others, stating that it’s not just a shift but a revolution driven by new tools and techniques, including artificial intelligence (AI), contributing to positive change and inclusive development.

However, with these advancements come significant challenges. The proliferation of misinformation and fake news poses a grave threat to the integrity of journalism and the trust of the public, he observed. 

Helpful training 

According to Dr. Madhavi Ravulapati, sessions led by nationally recognized experts and multiple field visits to Hyderabad, Delhi, and Agar are included in the training program.

Dr. Madhavi Ravulapati, Course Director and Head of CLP. 

The participatory nature of the training methodology would aid in the participants' learning process. It offers seminars and panel discussions where attendees can engage with 12 distinguished speakers.

Every learning unit includes a group activity to acquire knowledge and abilities related to analysis, planning, and strategy formulation. To guarantee that the program is learner-centric, a presentation session has been incorporated following each group work.

Case studies are designed to provide participants with real-world examples from the field, enabling them to make the connection between the knowledge they have learned in training sessions and the realities on the ground. The case studies will be problem-based and intended to elicit critical thought. 

Vietnamese journalists and heads of MCR HDI Institute.  

Classroom exercises will be incorporated to improve the group's capacity to address all pertinent topics in a concentrated manner. As many Question-Answer/Quiz Sessions as possible will be held in order to assess the participants' continued learning.

Field trips will make it easier to comprehend various facets of media management within their accurate and comprehensive contexts. The training course will also be helpful in comprehending the various actors that are involved in media management. They will also have the chance to learn about the Government of India's initiatives, assess their level of success, and take them for reference.

Most importantly, the training program will have a positive impact on bilateral relations between India and ITEC member countries as well as on understanding across cultural boundaries and international relations for many years to come.

Set up in 1976, Dr. MCR HRD Institute is the premier administrative training institute of the Government of Telangana to create and sustain a dedicated workforce for the Government. With a well-qualified, experienced, hardworking, and dedicated team, the Institute specializes in conducting training using both in-classroom and e-learning modes. With a campus of 13.4 ha campus in the heart of Hyderabad, It is a lush green complex fully WiFi-equipped and buildings with rooftop solar panels. It has well-furnished classrooms, auditoriums, indoor and outdoor sports facilities including a swimming pool, gymnasium, and hostel blocks with the capacity to accommodate 900 persons. 

 Vietnamese journalists in an art performance welcomed by Indian artists. 

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Vietnamese journalists get expertise from Indian experts
The well-organized training program is expected to foster cross-cultural exchange and reinforce bilateral ties between India and ITEC member countries for an extended period.
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