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Vietnamese doctors master single-port endoscopy
Pediatric Surgery Ward at Hanoi-based Saint Paul General Hospital is one of two centers in the world to perform laparoscopic common bile duct surgery without complications.
19:52, 2023/12/03
Hanoi upholds heritage education for students
Hanoi has set a target of 2025 for all schools in the city to take students to historical relics and local cultural heritage at least once per academic year.
18:21, 2023/11/04
Treatment abroad no longer necessary for Vietnamese heart patients: Minister of Health
In Vietnam, approximately 200,000 people die each year from cardiovascular disease, accounting for 33% of all deaths.
15:00, 2023/11/18
Health sector joins efforts against climate change
Joining the WHO-led mechanism to deliver climate commitments is part of Vietnam’s efforts to concretize its low carbon emissions goals towards the net-zero strategy by 2050.
15:12, 2023/08/08
Another five-star hospital to be opened in Hanoi in 2025
When completed, the hospital will feature advanced early warning equipment for neurosurgery, minimally invasive surgery, and rapid post-operative recovery.
21:44, 2023/08/01
Hanoi students strike gold at 2023 World Invention Creativity Olympic
The contest aims to develop scientific aptitude and interest in science and technology among high school students worldwide.
16:24, 2023/07/29
Audiobooks soar in today's hectic world
Audiobooks have emerged as a new publishing trend and an essential part of reading culture in the digital age. They are replacing printed books as a popular way to enjoy literature.
19:03, 2023/07/28
WHO, UNICEF support Vietnam in routine childhood immunization
The Expanded Program on Immunization has been in place in Vietnam since 1981, with support from WHO and UNICEF.
17:46, 2023/07/25
Ho Chi Minh City to host 400 exhibitors at Vietnam Medipharm Expo 2023
The three-day expo, the largest of its kind, aims to promote trade links and develop the medical and pharmaceutical market in Vietnam.
17:07, 2023/07/23
Digital application brings high efficiency with telehealth in Vietnam
The innovative software implementation reduces the financial burden of remote medical care and enhances the skills of community-based health workers, fostering a more resilient health system.
20:23, 2023/07/13
Exhibition on wildlife sends message of environmental protection
The exhibition of scientific research illustrations, wildlife paintings, or wildlife conservation graphic novels is relatively unheard of in Vietnam.
17:30, 2023/07/11
International Biology Olympiad 2023: Two Hanoi students win medals
The International Biology Olympiad is a contest in the field of biology specifically designed for high school students under the age of 20.
09:51, 2023/07/11
Pneumococcal vaccine to be added to expanded immunization program in Hanoi
The move aims to improve the quality of care and protect residents' health in the new situation through vaccination.
14:59, 2023/07/07
Vietnam, France agree to beef up cooperation in education and training
The Vietnamese Ministry of Education is coordinating with the French Embassy to create a group of experts for the research and updating of the content of French language teaching in bilingual classes.
14:03, 2023/07/06
Over 30 Vietnamese Fulbrighters to head to US in Fall 2023
The Fulbright Program is designed to foster mutual understanding between the United States and other countries through academic and cultural exchange.
21:32, 2023/07/03
The Economist praises Vietnam's education
The newspaper assessed that the distinctive secret of Vietnam’s stellar performance lies in the classroom.
17:20, 2023/06/30
Two Hanoi universities remain in QS World University Rankings 2024
Outstanding achievements on the international stage by Vietnamese students have helped lift up the profile of domestic tertiary education.
21:12, 2023/06/28
Hanoi targets to have 85% of public schools nationally standardized
Hanoi's goal for 2023 is to increase the number of national standard schools and reduce the disparity in the proportion of standard schools between districts.
21:05, 2023/06/28
New Zealand helps curb infectious diseases in Vietnam
The equipment, together with another part supporting community-level economic recovery, emphasizes the need for stronger primary health care services.
16:31, 2023/06/28
Hanoi students take 2023 national high school graduation exam
The national exam results are used for graduating from high school and being admitted to university.
23:23, 2023/06/22
Vietnam donates Laos US$2 million to build school
Vietnam and Laos are collaborating to implement high-quality education and human resources development projects in 2021-2030.
15:49, 2023/06/20
Online math school kicked off in Hanoi
A math school has just opened in Hanoi on June 18. It uses a curriculum from AoPS - a 900,000-member math community in the US - at a low cost for Vietnamese.
15:01, 2023/06/15
International painting contest “I love Hanoi - City for peace” 2023 launched
The international painting contest aims to spread the love of peace and Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, among children at home and abroad.
12:25, 2023/06/10
Students in Hanoi sit for the 10th grade entrance exam
Many students are confident and comfortable when taking part in high school exams on the first day, though the entrance exam in Hanoi is a fierce competition.
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