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Vietnamese doctors master single-port endoscopy
Pediatric Surgery Ward at Hanoi-based Saint Paul General Hospital is one of two centers in the world to perform laparoscopic common bile duct surgery without complications.
19:52, 2023/12/03
Hanoi upholds heritage education for students
Hanoi has set a target of 2025 for all schools in the city to take students to historical relics and local cultural heritage at least once per academic year.
18:21, 2023/11/04
Treatment abroad no longer necessary for Vietnamese heart patients: Minister of Health
In Vietnam, approximately 200,000 people die each year from cardiovascular disease, accounting for 33% of all deaths.
15:00, 2023/11/18
Health sector joins efforts against climate change
Joining the WHO-led mechanism to deliver climate commitments is part of Vietnam’s efforts to concretize its low carbon emissions goals towards the net-zero strategy by 2050.
15:40, 2023/09/05
Hanoi multiplies model of high-quality traditional medicine clinics
The Oriental Traditional Medicine Association of Hanoi has set up traditional medicine clinics in 30 districts with more than 4,000 members.
09:43, 2023/09/05
Hanoi drums up new school year 2023-2024
The top priority on the first day of the school year is ensuring student traffic safety.
13:18, 2023/09/03
Hanoi boosts cashless transfer and digital transformation in schools
Hanoi's education sector has promoted cashless payment in educational institutions.
16:54, 2023/08/30
Digital transformation in vocational education: Key for future growth of Vietnam
Upskilling Vietnamese workers, especially migrant ones in the industrial areas matters a lot to bridge the skill gap in human resources toward a sustainable future.
15:09, 2023/08/30
Hanoi hospitals adjust service charges, remain confused about new pricing rule
The new circular on healthcare prices aims to ensure benefits for both patients and public healthcare institutions.
18:31, 2023/08/28
All Hanoi contestants win prizes at IOAA 2023
The IOAA is an annual international high school science competition honoring astronomy and astrophysics.
22:42, 2023/08/27
Gender gaps must be addressed in STEAM education: UNICEF
Early engagement in STEAM would enable Vietnam to be well-prepared in the fast-changing world with transferable skills for sustainable growth.
18:04, 2023/08/27
Hanoi to complete four major hospitals at gateways by 2025
The new hospitals would be an upgrade of the city's health care system to international standards.
16:49, 2023/08/26
Hanoi schools promise no unregulated fees
Besides tuition, unregulated school fees are a major concern for parents and students before each school year.
18:25, 2023/08/22
First Vietnamese physician nominated for WHO Western Pacific directorship
Dr. Huong is the Director of the WHO Division of Program for Disease Control in the Western Pacific.
15:37, 2023/08/22
Hanoi teachers to extend online English classes in Meo Vac District
With classes taught online by teachers based in Hanoi, local primary school students in the Meo Vac District have been enjoying fun and exciting lessons.
18:41, 2023/08/21
Vietnam names teams for World Robot Olympiad
The Vietnamese teams would compete with those from leading countries in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics like Denmark, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and the US.
13:38, 2023/08/20
Samsung Innovation Campus boosts Vietnamese high-tech skills
A training project is aimed at enhancing the high-tech skills of the younger generation in Vietnam.
23:24, 2023/08/19
Vietnam holds historic meeting to protect human, animal and environmental health
Paying attention to human, animal, and environmental health is a collaborative approach that aims to achieve optimal health outcomes by recognizing the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment.
22:43, 2023/08/17
Hanoi promotes IT application to avoid school enrollment queues
Hanoi's education sector is exerting efforts to implement universal education programs through the road map.
05:10, 2023/08/15
Vietnam strengthens cooperation in vaccines and biologics for disease prevention
The world can only push back and stop diseases if all countries have equal access to vaccines.
14:29, 2023/08/14
Hanoi plans to become UNESCO City of Learning
Hanoi Study Promotion Association continues to advise the city on promoting study, nurturing talent, and building a learning society.
14:16, 2023/08/12
Hanoi’s education sector grows in both quantity and quality
The capital city has undergone a drastic change after 15 years of the expansion of administrative boundaries.
13:43, 2023/08/12
Hanoi students win KIYO 4i with excellent results
The goal of KIYO 4i is to promote the creativity of young people in science and technology and to provide them with real-world experience.
13:01, 2023/08/10
Vietnam calls on Abbott to invest in pharmaceutical industry
The Vietnamese Government prioritizes promoting nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment to help keep people healthy.
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