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Hanoian woman makes traditional mooncakes in unique ways
Le Giang - Minh Vu 08:03, 2022/09/02
Breathing new life into traditional mooncakes is the way that a Hanoian woman keeps the city’s traditional culture and cuisine alive.

Mooncakes made by a young girl in Hanoi have appeared to be unique in their own ways, making the Mid-Autumn Festival more meaningful to those who love traditional cakes.

Thuy Duong, 27, who lives in Thanh Xuan District, is offering customers traditional mooncakes (cakes made from traditional ingredients) decorated with flowers or any embellishing pattern requested.

“I really like cakes and love the taste of traditional moon cakes. Therefore, I decided to choose two lines of art cakes, drawn cakes, and flower cakes, to make the moon cake more beautiful while retaining traditional flavor,” Duong told The Hanoi Times.

She said cake filling and decoration are customized to ensure the best satisfaction, adding that the drawings are normally based on folk paintings.

As cakes are handmade and decorated in their own ways, the prices are higher than those of the traditional kind, varying between VND180,000 (US$7.7) and VND300,000 ($13) each.

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, her shop works the whole day to meet the demand for cakes. 

 Thuy Duong and her art cakes. Photos: Le Giang/The Hanoi Times

 These Mid-Autumn cakes are made from traditional ingredients. 

 Thuy Duong prefers drawing to making flowers on cakes. 

 A traditional mascot for Mid-Autumn Festival. 

 Another cake with drawings.

 Cakes become vivid with different decorations and drawings.

 It looks like art work.

 Each cake is uniquely decorated. 

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