Hanoi baker ‘wears a new cloth’ for traditional mooncake
A local baker has brainstormed to make mooncake paintings, bringing a catchy look for the pastry.
08:03, 2022/09/02
Hanoian woman makes traditional mooncakes in unique ways
Breathing new life into traditional mooncakes is the way that a Hanoian woman keeps the city’s traditional culture and cuisine alive.
20:29, 2021/09/20
Mooncake heats up in Hanoi’s supermarket amid pandemic
Supermarkets have cooperated with businesses and distributors to run promotions and discounts during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
11:29, 2021/09/20
Chic and unique mooncakes showcase bakers’ talent
Local bakers have brainstormed to make unique mooncakes, which bring catchy looks and distinctive tastes for the pastries.
15:48, 2021/08/10
Baker turns traditional mooncakes into artworks
A Vietnameseyoung girl uses the color of additives to paint traditional mooncakes, making them beautiful and unique.