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Hanoi catering services reopen after 22-day stay-at-home period
Nhat Minh 14:59, 2020/04/24
Hanoi’s coffee shops and restaurants have been open to customers again as many catering services have resumed operations since April 23.

Many restaurants and coffee shops in Hanoi have reopened after 22 days of social distancing.

Despite being nearly empty, most shops reopen in commercial street of Hang Dao in Hoan Kiem district.
 On the first day of social distancing relaxation, customers cautiously go shopping.
Employees cleaned up the facility and prepared for reopening after the 22-day closure.
 A few guests at a restaurant in Hang Luoc street, Hoan Kiem district.
 Cooks, with face masks on, prepare food.
 A waiter wearing face mask serve dishes to customers.
 An owner of a restaurant in Hang Luoc street, Hoan Kiem district, said that the shop still provides takeout service because many people are still afraid of going out.
 Dong Xuan Market also reopens.
 Kafa coffee shop in Ly Thuong Kiet street, Hoan Kiem district, half-filled with people.
On the morning of April 23, some shops in Quang Trung, Le Trong Tan, Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Xien streets still remain closed. 
 A coffee shop in Le Trong Tan street, Ha Dong district, opens early but no one comes until the afternoon.
 Many shop owners anticipate poor sales and prefer to keep their business shut down.
 In Ha Dong district, a vendor contravenes Hanoi mayor’s instruction on banning food stalls on the sidewalks.


 Many restaurants comply with the Covid-19 prevention giving hand sanitizer and keeping a safe space between tables at the restaurant.
Photos: Ngoc Tu - Phuong Hoa (Kinh te & Do thi)
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