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Hue Imperial City to be virtually transformed at "Hue by light - The live show"
The performance will be a giant feast of music and light to promote the image of Hue City's iconic works in a novel way.
16:45, 2023/12/08
Greatest works of arts on display at Hanoi Museum
The exhibition showcases best paintings and sculptures created between 2020-2023 by artists nationwide.
16:55, 2023/12/05
Literature fosters Franco-Vietnamese cultural ties
Contemporary Vietnamese literary works translated into French have struck a chord with French-speaking audiences.
16:52, 2023/12/04
Diwali vividly celebrated in Hanoi
Diwali Night becomes the annual event hosted in Hanoi by InCham with the participation of Indians, Vietnamese, and international guests.
15:52, 2023/11/10
Impressive stage opens Vietnam International Fashion Week
Vietnam International Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023 kicked off on November 8 in Hanoi with the spirit of #ShapingTheFuture.
22:38, 2023/11/08
International music festivals part of Hanoi's cultural industry
Music festivals involving foreign artists on an increasingly large and professional scale continue to demonstrate the development and integration of the capital's music industry.
21:47, 2023/11/08
Two ministries join forces to combat cyberbullying on social media
The film "Land and Forest of the South" was harshly criticized online, even with uncivilized language, prompting a debate at the National Assembly on Internet harassment and abuse.
07:43, 2023/11/07
Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2023: Awakening cultural heritage on Red River banks
Focusing on design and heritage, this year's festival emphasized solutions and new ways of thinking in design to breathe new life into heritage sites.
17:41, 2023/11/06
An explorer of ancient fine arts
Her paintings feature repeating motifs such as Buddha silhouettes, flowers, and energy symbols in a variety of layouts.
17:23, 2023/11/06
Expectations on development of capital's musical performing art
Vietnamese fans are getting more familiar with Broadway musicals thanks to Shrek The Musical which just made its debut in Hanoi.
07:34, 2023/11/04
Vietnam Film Week 2023 to feature Hanoi-themed film
Twenty-eight Vietnamese films will be screened for free from November 13-19 to celebrate the 23rd Vietnam Film Festival, according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
17:02, 2023/11/03
Broadway copyrighted musical Shrek premieres at Hanoi Opera House
The internationally acclaimed musical from the prestigious Broadway stage will be displayed at the Hanoi Opera House and across the country.
15:07, 2023/11/01
Hanoi Gift Tourism Festival 2023 to transpire this weekend
The event aims to promote traditional craft villages, diversify Hanoi's tourism offerings and attract local and international visitors to the capital.
15:58, 2023/10/30
Artwork depicting Hanoi's St. Joseph's Cathedral on bonnet wins UOB Painting Award
The first UOB Painting of the Year Award (POY) went to Vietnamese artist Trinh Minh Tien for his artwork titled Water Palace.
22:19, 2023/10/29
Most popular venues for Halloween 2023 in Hanoi
Halloween, a Western festival, has been celebrated by youth in Vietnam for the past decade.
20:58, 2023/10/29
Vietnam International Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2023 to hit Hanoi's catwalk
Vietnam International Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2023 will continue the narrative of sustainable fashion under the theme "Shaping the Future", celebrating natural and eco-friendly materials.
15:10, 2023/10/29
18-year-old singer wins top prize in Hanoi singing contest
Youngest contestant Tran Thi Van Anh wins the Hanoi Singing Competition grand prize worth VND200 million (US$8,300).
09:32, 2023/10/28
Hanoi Ao Dai Tourism Festival 2023 opened
The 2023 Hanoi Ao Dai Tourism Festival takes place from October 27 to 29, featuring a series of cultural activities to promote the beautiful image of Hanoi and praise the Vietnamese traditional Ao dai.
17:16, 2023/10/26
Hanoi named World’s Best Golf City Destination 2023
For the first time, the capital city of Vietnam has won the World's Best Golf City Destination 2023 Award.
11:39, 2023/10/25
Legend of Youth: Brings audience with true emotions
To give the actresses and audience of the play Legend of Youth a real-life experience, the production crew brought five tons of earth from Dong Loc Junction to the stage of the Vietnamese Women's Museum.
08:02, 2023/10/24
Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2003 to take place in mid-November
This year's cultural event focuses on the Red River, the vital thread of Hanoi's historical, cultural, and socio-economic values.
21:06, 2023/10/23
Culinary show in Hanoi hosted by award-winning Austrian chef
For the first time, diners in Hanoi had the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious six-course menu prepared by Chef Stephan Zoisl of the award-winning "Chef's Table by Chef Stephan", Singapore.
16:11, 2023/10/23
German award-winning films screened in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
A variety of thought-provoking visions from contemporary German film directors await local and international audiences at the upcoming annual German Film Festival.
14:42, 2023/10/23
Interior Design Student Festival: Celebrating Vietnamese culture
Young designers can learn how to create stories that inspire Vietnam’s quintessence and core values preserved from the past by studying traditional materials in craft villages.
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