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Hue Imperial City to be virtually transformed at "Hue by light - The live show"
The performance will be a giant feast of music and light to promote the image of Hue City's iconic works in a novel way.
16:45, 2023/12/08
Greatest works of arts on display at Hanoi Museum
The exhibition showcases best paintings and sculptures created between 2020-2023 by artists nationwide.
16:55, 2023/12/05
Literature fosters Franco-Vietnamese cultural ties
Contemporary Vietnamese literary works translated into French have struck a chord with French-speaking audiences.
16:52, 2023/12/04
Diwali vividly celebrated in Hanoi
Diwali Night becomes the annual event hosted in Hanoi by InCham with the participation of Indians, Vietnamese, and international guests.
06:57, 2023/10/10
Saxophone legend Kenny G to perform in Hanoi
Vietnamese audiences in Hanoi will have the opportunity to hear legendary saxophonist Kenny G perform Going Home, My Heart Will Go On, Forever In Love and other of his greatest hits.
22:41, 2023/10/08
Vietnamese, Polish artists organize joint exhibition
The exhibition The Reunion of Colors 2, about the culture and artistic language of the two countries Vietnam and Poland, brings together unique, vibrant works of art in an interactive space.
21:39, 2023/10/08
Quang Binh singer releases music video in tribute of Hanoi musician
Singer Thi Phuong pays tribute to Hanoi-born musician Hoang Van with a new music video to promote tourism in Quang Binh province.
15:04, 2023/10/08
Hanoi in miniature by artist Ngoc Linh
For 30 years, artist Ngoc Linh has been roaming the streets of Hanoi with a tiny pad of paper and a palette on a bicycle basket, painting the capital's landscape.
18:45, 2023/10/07
Japanese artist holds exhibition in Hanoi
Renowned conceptual artist Chiharu Shiota holds her first installation artwork in Hanoi.
23:35, 2023/10/06
Monsoon Music Festival: Hanoi to have 'Hang Nhac Street'
The Monsoon Music Festival 2023 will provide audiences with a unique musical experience and serve as a platform for cultural exchange between Vietnam and the rest of the world.
23:28, 2023/10/06
VYMI EduConcert to perform classical music
Seven talented young musicians will join the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO) and Maestro Honna Tetsuji on stage.
23:21, 2023/10/06
Photo exhibition "Hanoi in My Heart" captivates Miss Grand International 2023 contestants
Miss Grand International 2023 contestants viewed the photos on display and posed with outstanding Hanoi-themed photo works in the ongoing exhibition at the Temple of Literature.
11:24, 2023/10/06
Bui Xuan Phai Award 2023 honors film director Dang Nhat Minh
Now in its 16th year, the award honors ideas, works, actions, and important contributions to Hanoi. This year's top award goes to director Dang Nhat Minh.
18:04, 2023/10/05
18th Hanoi in My Heart photo exhibition highlights the beauty of Hanoi
With the theme ‘Hanoi - 15 Years After Administrative Boundary Extension’, the 18th Hanoi in My Heart photo exhibition was opened by Economic & Urban Newspaper, in cooperation with the Hanoi Elderly Photography Club, at the Temple of Literature-Imperial Academy this morning (October 5).
22:09, 2023/10/03
Musical tells old Hanoi story
The musical entitled "Street Stories of Hanoi during the Subsidy Period" will be premiered on the evening of October 14 at the Youth Theater.
22:14, 2023/10/01
Children painting during the Hanoi Autumn Festival 2023
The drawing competition is designed to show how local children love the capital, where they live and study.
15:32, 2023/10/01
Fabric scrap costumes wins Design by Vietnam contest
The Designed by Vietnam contest closed Vietnam Design Week 2023 on September 29 at the Temple of Literature with impressions, including fabric scrap costumes.
23:10, 2023/09/30
Hanoi photographer honored at International Photography Awards 2023
Photographer Viet Van is the winner of another photography award in America, the latest addition to his collection of 80 international photography awards.
14:54, 2023/09/30
Vietnam to send 'Glorious Ashes' to 2024 Academy Awards
After winning awards at international film festivals in Japan and France, Glorious Ashes was selected this year for submission to the preliminary round of the 2024 Oscars.
13:19, 2023/09/30
Hanoian beauty crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2023
Bui Quynh Hoa triumphed over 17 other competitors to win Miss Universe Vietnam 2023.
09:16, 2023/09/30
Branding music festivals requires breakthrough solutions
Hanoi plans to host more international music festivals, reinforcing its brand as a UNESCO Creative City.
21:25, 2023/09/26
Hanoi: Exhibition of children's paintings to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival
Fifty-eight colorful paintings expressing children's dreams for a better life are displayed at the Hanoi Museum.
13:33, 2023/09/26
No fear of obesity with unique mooncakes
Unique mooncakes showcase the ingenuity and creativity of their makers, spreading an air of joy and positivity during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
21:15, 2023/09/25
Vietnam's 54 ethnic minorities featured on Google Arts
Visitors can gain a deeper insight into Vietnam's rich and diverse ethnicity through the virtual photo exhibition.
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