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Hue Imperial City to be virtually transformed at "Hue by light - The live show"
The performance will be a giant feast of music and light to promote the image of Hue City's iconic works in a novel way.
16:45, 2023/12/08
Greatest works of arts on display at Hanoi Museum
The exhibition showcases best paintings and sculptures created between 2020-2023 by artists nationwide.
16:55, 2023/12/05
Literature fosters Franco-Vietnamese cultural ties
Contemporary Vietnamese literary works translated into French have struck a chord with French-speaking audiences.
16:52, 2023/12/04
Diwali vividly celebrated in Hanoi
Diwali Night becomes the annual event hosted in Hanoi by InCham with the participation of Indians, Vietnamese, and international guests.
23:07, 2023/10/22
Japanese Film Festival 2023 to take place later this month
The film festival promises to bring new and interesting views about Japan and its people.
18:54, 2023/10/21
“Hanoi Art Connecting” to attract 80 international artists from 30 countries
The event aims to connect talented local and international artists, creating a proactive community to promote the strengths and cultural, and artistic uniqueness of each country to the world.
17:32, 2023/10/21
Exhibition to promote wildlife conservation
The exhibition offers new insights into the world of animals and their unique stories.
20:15, 2023/10/19
French painter and strong attachment to Hanoi
French painter Jean-Charles Sarrazin was first drawn to Vietnamese culture and people while studying fine arts in Hanoi nearly four decades ago.
15:12, 2023/10/19
Hanoi through the lens of photographer Nguyen Van Phuc
The capital is romantic, peaceful, and cosmopolitan in this bilingual photo book by an elderly Hanoi photographer.
22:28, 2023/10/17
Hanoi-born economist turns painter after overnight
A shock brought painter Dao Anh Tho to a turning point, being an artist from a financial expert.
12:17, 2023/10/17
Hanoi Tourism Ao Dai Festival 2023 to pay tribute to national outfit
The annual festival aims to promote tourism in Hanoi, as well as to pay tribute to Vietnamese Ao Dai and the promotion of traditional Vietnamese cultural values.
11:58, 2023/10/17
UK film starring motorcycles, a symphony in Hanoi life
The film celebrates and shares British-Vietnamese cultural heritage while presenting audiences with a unique archival work that illuminates the country's history.
07:53, 2023/10/17
Futuristic The Barber of Seville to wow audiences in Hanoi
On October 16 and 17, ballet lovers from both domestic and foreign shores will have the opportunity to enjoy the timeless Italian ballet of Gioachino Rossini.
15:06, 2023/10/16
Hanoi exhibition promotes architectural value of Duong Lam Ancient Village
The exhibition "Community No.01" presents the cultural and architectural treasures of Duong Lam Ancient Village.
06:48, 2023/10/16
Hanoi-born painter shows art of Upsidedownism in capital
Artist Nguyen Dai Giang's use of "reverse art" is a witty and philosophical reflection on life in Hanoi.
19:39, 2023/10/15
Photo gallery of South Korean idols for K-pop fans in Hanoi
Using modern technology, the exhibition brings together never-before-seen images of nine South Korean idol groups in an art installation space.
14:40, 2023/10/15
French royal palace houses Vietnamese visual artist's installation art
The exhibition will be a series of interactive installations where viewers will have the opportunity to do some deep introspection.
19:38, 2023/10/14
Over 300 children paint to show love for Hanoi
The annual painting contest aims to nurture the love of Hanoi among local and foreign children while advancing world peace.
11:25, 2023/10/14
Japanese Book Week in Hanoi to encourage reading habits among children
The “Ehon Week” introduces a variety of book-related activities such as exhibitions, presentations, and readings of Ehon picture books for children.
11:15, 2023/10/14
Six artists hold art exhibition in Hanoi
Six artists are collaborating to create paintings and sculptures inspired by the beauty of the natural environment, which they will share with the public during the exhibition.
11:53, 2023/10/13
Print exhibition opens at Temple of Literature
The artworks represent the individual creative perspectives of the artists, but share their common view of traditional values, religion, and the Temple of Literature.
07:04, 2023/10/13
Deep love for Hanoi by a southern painter
Watercolors depicting Hanoi street life by a southern painter are on display in the ongoing exhibition at Ho Guom Culture Center in No.2, Le Thai To Street, Hanoi.
07:21, 2023/10/12
The beauty of Hanoi craft villages through photos
The photo exhibition, entitled "Hanoi Craft Villages" and "The Beauty of Vietnam's Regions", honors craftsmen and those who contribute to preserving, conserving, and promoting the nation's traditional cultural values.
08:08, 2023/10/10
Story of Thang Long Citadel festivals through photos
The outdoor photo exhibition on historical relics and festivals in Ba Dinh helps locals and tourists to better understand the history of the core district of Hanoi.
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