Vietnamese photographers win International Photography Award
Jenna Duong 20:50, 2021/07/21
Two other certificates were presented to photo collections themed ‘Traditional Crafts’ and ‘Vietnam Viewed from Above’.

Vietnamese photographer Dzung Nguyen has also won a certificate of Honourable Mentions for his photo entitled Phoi Chieu Coi (Drying sedge mat) in terms of individual photo awards at the 2021 Annual Photo Contest.

According to the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists (VAPA), Dzung's photo is one of three certificates of Honourable Mentions that Vietnam has won at the contest held by the International Federation of Fine Arts Photographers (FIAP).

 The award-winning photo Phoi Chieu Coi (Drying sedge mat) by Dzung Nguyen

Two other certificates were presented to two photo collections themed ‘Traditional Crafts’ (ranked 6th among 36 participating countries) in the color print photo category and ‘Vietnam Viewed from Above’ (ranked 5th among 42 participating countries) in the digital color photo category.

The annual photo contest is one of the most important events organized by FIAP, which is alternately hosted by its member countries. According to a written rule, even years will be for Black-White and Nature Photo Contest, odd years will be for Color Photo Contest.

The FIAP photo contest 2021 was organized in France. Each member of the photography federation can choose their own topics, then submit 10 printed and 20 digital photographic works to the competition.

The top prizes - the FIAP Cups of this year's competition belongs to Great Britain and Russia. 

VAPA selected 30 works out of 759 photos from 200 authors featuring the themes of ‘Traditional Crafts’ and ‘Vietnam Viewed from Above’ to participate in the photo contest.

The following images belong to the selected photos:

'Bamboo basket making' by photographer Long Vu. Photo: Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists (VAPA)
Grass Harvesting by Pham Thanh Vinh.
'Fruit Market' by Nguyen Hien Thanh.
'Vinh Thinh Salt Harvesting' by Phan Thanh Cuong
 'Soybean sauce making' by Trinh Dinh Thang.
 'Traditrional Ceramic' by Ngo Phuong.
'Fish steaming' by Nguyen Hai Huy.
'Water Lilly Pond' by Vu Manh Cuong.
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