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Unique yellow lotus pond in Hanoi’s suburbs
Jenna Duong - Khanh Huy 10:14, 2022/07/22
Visiting the lotus pond in Hanoi’s outskirt district of Thanh Oai, people will be amazed at the thousands of stunning yellow lotuses that have recently been grown in the capital city.

Lotus flowers in Vietnam are pink or white in color. It is now that the yellow lotus is largely grown in the Hanoi suburbs.

About 20 kilometers from the capital downtown's downtown, the only yellow lotus pond in town is planted by Tran Dinh Lap and his family members in Thanh Oai District. 

The flowers were experimentally planted in 2018. After four years, yellow lotus cultivation expanded to meet the increasing influx of visitors from downtown, who come to admire and take pictures with these exotic blossoms.

According to Lap, the yellow lotus variety is imported from abroad, thus, it is more difficult to grow in the harsh weather of northern Vietnam. “The yellow lotus petals are very thin, so they easily wilt in the bright sunlight, while the stem may break under the heavy rain,” he said.

Different from other types of lotuses that only bloom in early summer, the yellow lotus season usually begins in mid-summer and lasts until early autumn.

These splendid yellow lotuses showcase their beauty under the summer sunlight, creating romantic scenery.

Each flower features dozens of thin and sharp-shaped petals. It also has a typical gentle scent of the lotus.

This 1000spm-yellow lotus pond attracts many visitors at the weekend.

These pure gentle lotuses with delicate light-yellow petals conquer the hearts of many flower lovers, especially girls. 
Apart from yellow lotus, many other types of lotuses are also grown by Lap’s household.
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