Shippers in Hanoi are busier as sit-down table service is banned
Anh Kiet - Photo: Duy Khanh 21:40, 2021/07/14
Online food orders in Hanoi have skyrocketed in recent days, helping shippers raise their income.

Shippers in Hanoi these days are busier when only takeaways service is allowed to prevent novel coronavirus contagion.

Hanoi’s authorities have warned of Covid-19 infections from existing hotspots across Vietnam and silently spreading in the community. More than 540 Covid-19 community cases have been recorded in Hanoi so far in the new wave that started in the country in late April.

The city has shuttered restaurants and cafes providing sit-down table services as well as barbershops, allowing only takeaways as of July 13. Therefore, online food orders have skyrocketed in recent days, making shippers’ work busier.

A restaurant manager in Truong Cong Giai Street (Cau Giay District) said: "We have quickly made a plan to meet customers’ demand in anticipation of surging online orders.”

The shop is crowded with shippers to pick up the food and deliver it to customers.

"These days, we receive more than 200 orders per day. On July 13, for example, the amount of lunch take-out orders was more than 150," the manager said.

Bui Huy Thuong, a shipper, said that the food orders are mainly placed from 11am to 1pm, when people take a break for lunch. “If I work hard during these two hours, my income will also be better,” Thuong said.

 Besides the pandemic, hot weather also makes numerous people turn to food delivery, much more than normal days.

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