Vietnam has Anti-Fake News Center
The Vietnam Anti-Fake News Center is responsible for receiving reports on fake news, detecting, verifying, labeling them, and publishing authentic information.
13:42, 2021/01/13
E-government and e-court linked to reform administrative procedures
The Government Office and the People's Supreme Court signed the Coordination Regulation on building e-government and e-court for enhancing administrative reform and improving management.
15:42, 2021/01/12
Vietnam leads ASEAN in television digitization
Vietnam is the 78th out of 193 countries worldwide to complete the television digitization process.
17:14, 2021/01/08
Vietnam, Japan share experiences on digital government
The Vietnamese government is mindful that e-government application is a foundation for the country's socio-economic development and international integration.
16:22, 2021/01/07
Some 7,400 Hanoi enterprises make e-tax payment
Hanoi's tax authorities have been promoting IT application in the tax payment process, in turn creating convenience and helping enterprises save costs.
15:44, 2021/01/06
Government e-portal deserves to be mainstream media outlet
The Government e-portal has successfully disseminated activities of the Vietnamese government on global cyberspace over the past 15 years.
16:30, 2020/12/30
Vietnam to hold first International Innovation Exhibition in 2021
The exhibition demonstrates Vietnam as an attractive destination for regional innovators in the new era.
15:06, 2020/12/30
Make-in -Vietnam platforms launched in Technology Friday program
The program aimds to promote Make-in-Vietnam platforms of digital technology enterprises.
16:33, 2020/12/24
Scientists and businesses join hands to boost technology transfer
A program to promote scientific research as well as enhance application and technology transfer is underway from December 24 to 26, 2020 at No. 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay district.
07:03, 2020/12/20
Largest biomedical data management platform launched in Vietnam
The platform can store and process hundreds of PetaByte of data, as well as analyzing the whole genome in less than 30 minutes
16:51, 2020/12/18
Vietnam’s first telco licensed to use 5G band
The trial on such frequency band will be conducted from December 16, 2020 to June 30, 2021 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the two major cities of Vietnam.
06:04, 2020/12/17
Ministry of Science and Technology to provide open data from 2021
The MoST will continue to check, summarise, evaluate the data status and information systems for data connection and sharing until the end of this year.
15:52, 2020/12/16
People - key to the success of digital transformation
Digital transformation is the hope for Vietnam to escape from the middle income trap and join the club of developed countries.
06:02, 2020/12/16
Vietnam’s leading IT companies honored by Vinasa
“Vietnam’s ten leading IT companies 2020” brought together digital technology businesses where converge prestige and ability converge to be the pioneer for digital transformation.
15:45, 2020/12/15
Popular Vietnamese delivery system gets hacked
According to the social publishing platform Medium, hackers got access to nearly 4GB of source code of the delivery system Giao Hang Tiet Kiem (GHTK – Saving on Deliveries) and sold it online.
15:00, 2020/12/14
Millions of Vietnamese Facebook accounts stolen
When using Facebook, users are advised to regularly change passwords, update two-layer protection, not log in or access strange links.
09:20, 2020/12/14
Building Hanoi as a centre for innovation
The Hanoi city’s Science & Technology Department plans to exploit all potentials to make Hanoi a leading centre for innovation, technology application and exchange of the nation by 2025.
16:52, 2020/12/09
Popular Vietnamese delivery system gets hacked
The Vietnamese delivery system Giao Hang Tiet Kiem (GHTK – Saving on Deliveries) was attacked by hackers.
15:45, 2020/12/05
Hanoi to block spam text messages, emails and calls
Hanoi will map outprotocols on dealing with phone numbers spreading spam text messages and calls and phone numbers displayed onillegal billboard ads and classified ads in the city.
12:12, 2020/12/04
Vietnam, South Korea to promote development of high-tech fields
The new TMA Innovation Park is expected to become an innovation and technology center of Vietnam.
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