Vietnam wins three awards in International Blockchain Olympiad 2021
This is the second time that Vietnam has participated in the competition with six teams selected from more than 100 applications.
15:38, 2021/10/09
Southeast Asia’s largest-scale genome sequencing center set up in Vietnam
The genome sequencing center will serve as a place for genetic research in collaboration with many leading hospitals in the world and in Vietnam.
18:19, 2021/10/07
Legal forum good for ASEAN cybersecurity efforts: Vietnam
Joint efforts enable ASEAN to champion efforts in cybersecurity and inspire international participation.
17:11, 2021/10/07
Google Safety Centre for Vietnamese makes debut
Google Safety Centre provides security tips to keep users safe not only on Google products but whenever they are online.
18:29, 2021/10/06
International drill tests cybersecurity incident response
This is an opportunity for the technical staff of Vietnamese agencies, organizations, and enterprises to practice their skills in troubleshooting cybersecurity incidents.
13:58, 2021/10/05
Gender equality through contest: providing a safe learning in cyberspace
Improving public awareness of safety and gender equality in cyberspace has become urgent and necessary.
15:27, 2021/10/04
Launch of Vietnam sea observation satellite suspended due to ground radar issue
The sea observation satellite would have been Vietnam’s third satellite to go into space if the launch had gone smoothly.
17:25, 2021/10/01
USAID-funded project to improve Vietnam's tech workforce
The latest initiative is seeking potential training partners who can help local workers have jobs after finishing the courses.
09:58, 2021/09/29
Vietnam needs to perfect its legal framework for digital economy
Policies to support small and medium enterprises to join the process of digital transformation are necessary.
14:15, 2021/09/19
Vietnam tests internet speed measuring app in foreign countries
The VNNIC cooperated with NetNam Joint Stock Company to test two i-Speed ​​measuring apps located in Singapore and Hong Kong, which are two major Internet transit points in the region.
16:15, 2021/09/16
More than 97,000 network accounts in Vietnam compromised since early 2021
Since the fourth Covid-19 wave broke out in Vietnam, the risk of cyberattacks in the country has increased.
05:47, 2021/09/11
Australia funds US$1 million for Vietnam’s digital transformation projects
The projects selected for funding are not only practical regarding the application of advanced technologies in areas of critical need in Vietnam, but they are also very meaningful in today’s context.
23:18, 2021/09/10
Vietnamese SMEs need to improve innovation capacity for digital transformation
Digital transformation has been applied for data-driven logistics and supply chains, digital device management, quality control, and intelligent processes.
19:39, 2021/09/08
Austrian Research Center to partner with Vietnam in developing sustainable biotechnology
The center has been doing research in agricultural, animal nutrition, and life sciences since 1995 in order to provide high-quality, cutting-edge science to assist Vietnamese farmers in addressing their challenges.
15:28, 2021/09/04
Vietnam and Australia seek to boost fintech
The strategy will help strengthen the commitment to trade and investment, economic liberalization, and connectivity between Australia and Vietnam.
16:34, 2021/09/01
Vietnam-Australia artificial intelligence cooperation network launched
The network will build an online community space and management software for members to participate in periodic activities.
15:56, 2021/09/01
Facebook and VIA launch Instagram Academy
The program will help Vietnamese young businesspeople to engage and exchange experiences with peer entrepreneurs thus achieving positive development for their own businesses.
21:56, 2021/08/31
Vietnam Open Innovation Landscape Report released this December
The first report will be published in December in Vietnamese and English.
11:31, 2021/08/31
Hanoi accelerates tech solutions to stamp out Covid-19
Digital technology has become a “shield” contributing to limiting the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Hanoi.
15:26, 2021/08/27
World Bank economist suggests how to turn Vietnam into digital powerhouse
To become a digital powerhouse, Vietnam will need to offer the conditions that will enable its local operators to adopt and adapt to new global digital technologies.
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