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Prime Minister urges measures to boost national digital transformation
The government expects all remote areas to have access to mobile networks by December 2024.
20:31, 2024/04/24
IT training urged to focus on semiconductors
With an abundant labor supply and a skilled workforce, human resources are Vietnam's greatest and most prominent advantage over other countries.
18:57, 2024/03/23
Vietnamese data center market to hit $1.26 billion by 2030
A double-digit growth rate (around 11%) is forecast for the Vietnamese data center market until 2030.
20:50, 2024/04/08
PM calls for tougher cyber security measures
Efforts will focus on working with security and defence agencies to monitor, detect and respond quickly to cyber threats.
14:55, 2022/12/26
Vietnam to build national data center in 2023: Prime Minister
Digital transformation is a new and challenging issue that requires innovative thinking, strategic vision, and fostering self-reliance, solidarity, and creativity.
15:15, 2022/12/25
Vietnam positioned itself as more investor-friendly: Singapore businesses
Vietnam, thanks to its robust infrastructure development and favorable conditions for foreign investment, strategic location close to major Asia countries, and important shipping routes, has created a business-friendly environment.
17:36, 2022/12/20
Vietnam to switch off 2G services before September 2024
Vietnam is set to focus on commercializing 5G in 2023.
15:53, 2022/12/19
ICRMAT 2022: Promoting innovative and breakthrough technology solutions for businesses
ICRMAT has attracted hundreds of projects and research in the field of technology and management from experts all over the world.
20:48, 2022/12/18
Vietnam targets 2023 as the year of digital data
Industry leaders should focus on updating and processing data regularly and continuously, especially those related to land and housing.
18:25, 2022/12/10
Int'l experts seek ways to boost Vietnam's private investment in science, technology
Experts argued that private capital and blended finance investments will continue to be an important component of Vietnam’s sustainable development.
21:41, 2022/12/08
Vietnam strives to foster the development of digital businesses
This year's forum attracted hundreds of technology companies to contribute ideas and propose initiatives to promote the development of the digital technology industry in the future.
15:53, 2022/12/07
The 2023 Vietnam VEX IQ National Robotics Championship kicks off in Hanoi
The large-scale robotics tournament helps students across the country have hands-on experiences in science, technology, engineering, and math, furthering their learning outcomes.
15:48, 2022/12/06
Samsung Vietnam partners with local universities to nurture ICT talents
Samsung will continue to expand its cooperation and training of IT talents in universities based on market needs and technological development trends in the world.
11:14, 2022/12/05
Hanoi's startup wins VietChallenge Season 2022 contest
Massachusetts-based VietChallenge seeks to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of young Vietnamese who are both Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese founders.
16:29, 2022/12/02
Hanoi hosts conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries for 1st time
The event attracts over 100 senior researchers in digital libraries from the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific region and 200 domestic guests.
15:42, 2022/11/14
Hanoi's startups to attend training course in Singapore
The program will open up cooperation and exchange opportunities between Vietnam's startups and Singapore's typical innovation partners.
09:36, 2022/11/04
Hanoi accelerates digital transformation in tourism
Effective digital transformation will help Hanoi's tourism businesses flexibly adapt to market changes.
21:43, 2022/11/02
FPT supports Danish firm to build first smart jewelry manufacturing factory in Hanoi
The new manufacturing plant is set to be completed by the end of 2023 in the sizable hi-tech industrial zone.
06:24, 2022/10/26
The 2022 Vietnam Innovation Challenge kicks off in Hanoi
The 2022 Vietnam Innovation Challenge aims to boost digital transformation for Vietnamese enterprises.
22:11, 2022/10/19
Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022 opens in Hanoi
Vietnam’s blockchain market value is expected to reach nearly $2.5 billion by 2026, a five-fold surge from 2021.
17:23, 2022/10/13
Two Hanoi scientists named among world’s most influential researchers
The scientists have seen their ranking improve significantly over 2021.
15:07, 2022/10/12
Vietnam to host the first blockchain summit
Vietnam’s blockchain market value is projected to reach nearly $2.5 billion in 2026, a fivefold increase from 2021.
21:35, 2022/10/11
Carbon market requires proper development: Experts
Officials have urged the Government to hasten the development of the carbon market to meet international rules and practices.
17:54, 2022/10/11
Vietnam wishes to partner with countries for digital One ASEAN
Vietnam International Digital Week 2022 is being held for the first time in Vietnam and will become an annual ASEAN event.
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