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Red color brings “Tet excitement” to Hanoi’s downtown street
Anh Kiet - Photo: Duy Khanh 17:13, 2022/01/13
Colorful items with the dominant red tone make Hanoi’s downtown street look like wearing a “new shirt”.

Tet is coming, Hang Ma Street in Hanoi’s downtown district of Hoan Kiem is tinted with the typical red color of the traditional Lunar New Year. This is also considered a “shopping paradise” for everyone on the occasion of Tet.

With only about three weeks to go until the 2022 Lunar New Year, Hang Ma Street these days is filled with red lanterns, lucky money wrappers, among others, which create a cozy atmosphere of Tet holiday and Spring.

Stores along Hang Ma Street are packed with items for the Lunar New Year.

 Decorations for New Year 2022 are very diverse in design. Like every year, the red couplet is indispensable that many people buy to decorate in their house.

 Colorful items with the dominant red tone make the whole street look like wearing a “new shirt”.

New Year items in 2022 are more diverse than those in 2021. A merchant on Hang Ma Street shared: “Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, goods are very difficult to be imported, so the price of Tet decorations this year are slightly higher than that of last year”. 

Handmade products are the most favorite because they are reminiscent of the old times.

 Many young people take advantage of their lunch break to shop for decorations for the company’s or family's kumquat and peach branches

The lively Tet space at Hang Ma also attracts young people to take pictures to save their moments.

 The atmosphere of Hang Ma Street becomes cozier thanks to lanterns, red couplets, green rice cake (banh chung). People think beautiful house decorations would bring them luck and joy on the Tet holiday.

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