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Numerous people descend upon “Moc Chau persimmon orchard” in Hanoi
Anh Kiet - Photo: Le Giang 15:25, 2023/01/19
The ripened orchard in chilly winter weather is full of charm, as orange-red persimmons color the garden.

An orange-red persimmon orchard in the outskirt district of Gia Lam, around 15 kilometers from Hanoi’s downtown, has become a trendy check-in destination thanks to its picturesque scenery and ambiance.

Instead of traveling 200 kilometers to Moc Chau plateau in the northern province of Son La to enjoy a ripe persimmon garden, many photography lovers can have their own set of "check-in persimmon orchard" photo set right in the middle of the capital.

Around 250 persimmon trees in this garden are in full bloom. The persimmon trees have shed their leaves, revealing clusters of golden fruit that stand out against the backdrop. 

Although only recently opened, the garden has been attracting a large number of tourists.

From Thanh Xuan District, Dinh Thuy Dung (23) and her friends went to the garden for a photo shoot. "It took us only more than 30 minutes to get here and made me very nice pics for my birthday," Dung told The Hanoi Times.

Pham Thuy Nhung, the owner of the orchard, said that to have a beautiful persimmon garden like this, she had to go to Moc Chau to choose the best trees. Now that the persimmon trees are bearing fruit, she has begun to open up the garden for tourists to visit and take pictures.

"I ordered six months ago, but I have brought them to Hanoi one by one to ensure that the persimmon trees retain their ripe fruit and beautiful color," Nhung said.

"Moc Chau persimmon comes in many different types. Crispy persimmon can be eaten immediately after being picked from a tree while soaked persimmons must be placed in water for several days,” Nhung told The Hanoi Times.

Persimmon trees in full bloom in the orchard makes many people extremely excited. Numerous tourists said that since they could not go to Moc Chau, they chose to come here to take photos.

The ripened orchard in the chilly winter weather is full of charm, as the orange-red persimmons color the garden. The orange-red colors gradually turn to vermilion at the end of the lunar year, making this place even more extraordinary.

TAG: Numerous people “Moc Chau persimmon orchard” in Hanoi
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