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Hanoians enjoy beautiful peach blossom in cold days
Two months to the Vietnamese Tet holiday but peach flower blossoms are already on sale at Quang An flower market. Hanoians can enjoy watching beautiful peach blossom in these cold days.

The bright pink color of famous Nhat Tan peaches has been blooming to welcome the upcoming new year.

 At this time, Nhat Tan peach branches are sold at Quang An flower market. Buying peaches from the eleventh month of the lunar calendar has become a habit of many people in Hanoi.
 In the perimeter of the market, hundreds of peach branches are displayed for sale.
 A seller bends branches to make a peach tree look good from every angle.
 Another seller waters the peach trees because it is cold and dry
 A number of Hanoians enjoy the early spring atmosphere in the cold weather.
 Small peach branches are the best-selling items.
 Displaying peach trees and flower branches in the home during the New Year celebration has become a cultural tradition among Vietnamese northerners, especially Hanoians
 The peach flowers are blooming to remind people that Tet is coming.
Peach blossom photography brings excitement to many people.
 Hanoians usually buy a small but beautiful Nhat Tan peach branch to display on the ancestors altar.
 In early December, hundreds of ancient peach trees are on display at Nhat Tan peach garden in Tay Ho district.
 An owner of a peach garden in Nhat Tan said that it is difficult to say about the quality of peach flower this year due to the severe weather.
 A gardener plucked peach leaves.  Plucking leaves is considered one of the most important steps, decisive for a bumper peach flower crop.

 Besides the ancient peach trees for Tet holiday, a few white apricot trees have revealed their buds early.
 Not only peach trees, Vietnamese people can also display other types of plants including grapefruit, oranges, and kumquats in their houses.
 Besides the peach and apricot trees, the kumquats also bear fruits
 The kumquats will be fully ripe within a month, and ready to be displayed from that time until the Lunar New Year, a kumquat grower said.
 According to the plan, Vietnamese people will enjoy a 7-day Tet holiday from February 10 to February 16, 2021, the longest one of the year.
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