Hanoi tourism expo attracts more than 300 local businesses
Many vouchers, gifts and tours are being offered to visitors at the expo.

The Vietnam International Tourism Mart (VITM) 2020 with the theme “Digital Transformation for Tourism in Vietnam” has attracted more than 300 businesses with 250 booths introducing products and services at the Hanoi International Center for Exhibition.

 Tourism representatives from 47 provinces and cities nationwide, and six countries and territory (Thailand, Peru, Japan, South Korea, Colombia, and Taiwan (China) attended the event. 

It aims at encouraging businesses and organizations to put forth digital initiatives on tourism activities and boost growth momentum in the coming years.

  In addition, new tourism products will also be introduced at the fair. In particular, travel and aviation businesses offer over 100,000 stimulus tours, 100,000 cheap airline tickets and 1,000 gifts.

Many specialties across the country are being offered at the booths and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy them, besides a host of new tourist products.   


 In addition, the event “Links - the strength of Vietnam's tourism” on November 19 at the Trade Union Conference Center, No. 1A Yet Kieu, Hanoi was held on the sidelines of the fair by the Department of Tourism and the Tourism Association of Ho Chi Minh City in coordination with the Vietnam Travel Association, Danang Tourism Association and some other tourism associations.

 On November 20, a workshop will be held to discuss a set of criteria for rating and ranking tourist chefs. Vietnam's tourism industry is currently employing more than 50,000 chefs. The ranking of chefs and other industries related to tourism will contribute to the professionalization of the staff in the sector in line with international standards. 

 Within the fair, a tourism social network will be established for visitors to exchange, consult and evaluate the quality of destinations and tourism products of companies to make the best choice for themselves. 

 In the context of Covid-19, physical contact is not encouraged, so local businesses have to resort to the online method. This fair is the beginning of the process of digital transformation to boost tourism, according to the Organizing Board of the fair.

 The event provides a new approach for businesses to identify the development path of tourism industry.

 The fair will last until November 21, 2020.

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