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Hanoi Old Quarter tinged with spectacular reddish hues during Mid-Autumn Festival
Nhat Minh 13:48, 2020/09/27
Hanoians are flocking to the Old Quarter streets where the festival atmosphere is the most striking in the days prior to the Mid-Autumn Festival yet complying with measures to prevent Covid-19.

Hang Ma and Phung Hung streets, Hoan Kiem district during the Mid-Autumn Festival are the busiest streets of Hanoi these days.

Hang Ma street, where votive papers and offerings are sold to serve the cult of ancestor worship, receives thousands of people from all over Hanoi to buy decorations, taking photos and having fun.
Kids are excited about hundreds of toys, while young people remove face mask for a "check-in" on the red street.
Do Thanh Tam from Dong Anh district, Hanoi said this is the second year she shopped in Hang Ma street for Mid-Autumn Festival and really enjoyed it. In the crowded street, she kept wearing a face mask to prevent.
She hoped everyone strictly abide by the regulations on epidemic prevention and control when going to public places to ensure safety for themselves and those around them.
Taking snapshots of beautiful moments in the soft and gentle breeze of the autumn.
 Functional forces patrol the area to ensure security and order.
 Phung Hung nearby with its wall paintings also attracted many young people.
Though feeling uneasy about going to public places in the time of pandemic but Nguyen Thu Hong from Dong Da district could not resist the charm of the bustling Mid-Autumn atmosphere. 
Phung Hung mural street has become a new Mid-Autumn
Festival venue of Hanoians.
Photo: Hanoimoi
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