Dreamy beauty of Hanoi in leaf-changing season
Jenna Duong- Huy Pham 21:56, 2023/02/14
Hanoi is dressed in dazzling yellow and red, giving rise to poetic scenes.

In mid-February, Hanoi is decked out in dazzling colors as the leaves turn yellow, red, and green.

Adding to the beauty of the capital are the yellow tops of the Sua or Dalbergia Tonkinensis and Sau or Dracontomelon trees in their leaf change season.

These photogenic scenes only last about two weeks before the leaves fall; then, the first green buds are about to appear.

The contrasting colors of Sau on Phan Dinh Phung Street are drawing the attention of passersby.

 The winds carry yellow leaves, creating a wonderful picture of nature in Hanoi when the season is changing.

Grown in some streets of Hanoi, Sua is not only beautiful but also rare and valuable for producing expensive furniture loved by residents of some Asian countries such as Vietnam, China and Japan.
Some Sua plants on Hoang Hoa Tham Street are leafing out. The beautiful falling leaves have created a yellow carpet on the pavement, creating a dreamy scene for old but charming Hanoi.
 The outstanding yellow leaves will soon be replaced by green ones.

Hanoians are keen on flocking to Phan Dinh Phung Street in Hoan Kiem District every weekend to do photoshooting with yellow leaves.

 Young families also take the opportunity to save their beautiful moments in the beautiful season.
 The romantic scene of the leaf-changing season also delights foreign visitors to Hanoi.

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