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A taste of yellow leaves on Hanoi's most romantic street
Anh Kiet – Ngoc Tu 08:18, 2023/04/22
The yellow of the leaves evokes many emotions in Hanoians and serves as a distinguishing element of the thousand-year-old capital.

The image of trees turning yellow on Phan Dinh Phung Street in Hanoi's Ba Dinh District in the last days of April offers the serene and attractive beauty of the capital city.

Phan Dinh Phung Street, one of the most popular streets in Hanoi, attracts many tourists because it has the widest sidewalks in Hanoi, with two rows of big sau or Dracontomelum trees, and visitors can be immersed in a lush green atmosphere.

In addition, the street features Western architecture with exquisite ancient villas, giving people a nostalgic feeling.

 The street is named after Phan Dinh Phung (1847-1895), the leader of the Ha Tinh rebels who fought against the French colonialists during the reign of King Ham Nghi.

The ancient dracontomelum trees on Phan Dinh Phung Street turn deciduous when the yellow encroaches on the green. Photos: Ngoc Tu/The Hanoi Times

The Hanoi street becomes more poetic and beautiful with the fall of leaves along the way.

Layers of leaves and flowers create a beautiful yellow carpet. Many onlookers take pictures to remember their wonderful experience on Hanoi's most romantic boulevard.

A young girl in Ao Dai or Vietnamese traditional long dress poses with lilies in her hands on the beautiful yellow carpet of leaves.

Furthermore, the color of the leaves on many trees in Hanoi's other streets began to change.

The current season is the transition from spring to summer, which is when the leaves start to change color.

A distinguishing feature of the thousand-year-old capital, the yellow of the leaves evokes many emotions in Hanoi residents.

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