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[Infographic] The best hotels of the World 2023 in Hanoi
The UK's Independent newspaper has suggested a wide range of accommodations in Hanoi, from the bustling boutique hotels with charm in the old quarter to the spacious and modern creative hotels with award-winning architecture.
15:55, 2023/09/07
Lady Hill Sapa Resort: A guided walk through the cloud
The newly built resort would make a traveler's stay in Sapa memorable by offering super-friendly services and magnificent views amidst clouds.
21:39, 2023/08/18
A corner of Singaporean cuisine in Hanoi
The newly-opened restaurant in Hanoi's Ha Dong District offers authentic Singaporean cuisine.
12:02, 2023/06/27
Hanoi is the right place for honeymoon: Travel+Leisure
Travel+Leisure (US) has featured Vietnam as one of the top 12 destinations for honeymooners, with experiences and affordable prices.
18:00, 2017/11/16
Vietnam's resort to host World Travel Awards & World Spa Awards 2017
Accordingly, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay has been officially chosen by the World Travel Awards & World Spa Awards 2017.
16:52, 2017/11/14
CNN suggests eight best boutique hotels in Hanoi's Old Quarter
CNN Travel has recently published an article by Kate Springer Travel suggesting the best boutique hotels in Hanoi`s Old Quarter.
07:41, 2017/10/26
Three wonderful cafés in Hanoi to escape from work
If your work so hard, so, do yourself a favor, come to one of these wonderful cafés in Hanoi to enjoy the new air.
19:07, 2017/10/13
Asia Pacific Golf Group: Vietnam ranked as the Asia Pacific’s Best Golf Destination
This prestigious ranking was announced by the Asia Pacific Golf Group.
18:30, 2017/10/08
Five hotels with unique architecture and interior in Vietnam
Hoa Binh Green Da Nang, Alas Hoi An and Crazy House Da Lat, to name a few, are some of the unforgettable destinations for visitors due to their unique architecture and dazzling interior design.
15:21, 2017/09/25
Booming homestay service in Hanoi to serve flux of tourists
In the past two years, homestay has developed rapidly, adding to the appeal of capital tourism.
16:32, 2017/09/18
The places for young photo-taking lover in Hanoi
Do not miss to check out these three best spots to photograph in Hanoi, where there are art framework settings and great backgrounds for the best photos.
16:43, 2017/08/14
Count the age of Hanoi via coffee shops
These destinations would show you the length of Hanoi development path. They have "lived" with this thousand-year-old city for decades.
16:22, 2017/08/12
Top 10 places to see Hanoi from above
Have you ever looked at Hanoi completely in sight? Have you ever wondered how would Hanoi look from above? Now, let’s explore top 10 great places below for this experience.
08:52, 2017/08/09
Business Insider: Vietnam among top destinations for cheap eats, lodging
Vietnam is listed in 21 destinations that cost visitors only 20 USD a day or less for food and accommodation by the US-based news website Business Insider.
08:20, 2017/07/25
Phu Quoc Island with the gorgeous hostels
Phu Quoc Island`s best boutique properties astound with their serene atmospheres, soothing and down-to-earth designs, and panoramic sunset views. Take a look at the stunning hostels in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.
13:34, 2017/06/27
5 best peaceful cafes in Hanoi
There are plenty of ways to experience Hanoi – Vietnam capital, but enjoy a cup a coffee in the peaceful place maybe the most unique yet.
17:09, 2017/06/22
Topas Ecolodge, Sapa - first position in National Geographic’s rank
National Geographic has ranked the Topas Ecolodge the first lodge in the list of 21 places to stay if you care about the planet.
10:50, 2017/06/22
Where you can stay in hot summer: Come two amazing homestays near Hanoi
Tam Dao Belvedere and Nguyen Quy Duc homestay… there are two amazing homestays for young people – who want to stay out hot weather.
18:51, 2017/06/12
Hanoi city guide: Try the best café in Hanoi
Hanoi is one of Vietnam’s most cosmopolitan cities, with many styles of cafes, like a vintage, moderns…
19:31, 2017/05/09
Hanoi Bars: Fantastic nightlife that can’t be passed over
Tadioto, +84, Mojito… the most popular destinations for young people and foreigners, to enjoy music and different types of drinks.
10:55, 2017/05/04
New attraction place for young people in HCM City
After three years of renovation, the Children’s House of HCM City reopened last weekend to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the country’s Reunification Day on April 30.
11:46, 2017/04/25
Best cafés in Hanoi for workaholic people
With so many distractions and a terrible amount of noise, Hanoi can be a remarkably difficult place to lesson plan, article research and presentation prepare. It was time to get back to work and so we scanned the streets for the best laptop friendly café.
13:53, 2017/04/24
5 best local restaurants in Hanoi
The best local restaurants in Hanoi are budget-friendly options within the Old Quarter where you dine on low stools and tables that often spill out onto the pavement.
15:21, 2017/04/21
The best villas of Hanoi’s outskirts
The amazing villas for the youth on two holidays, including Liberation of Saigon April 30 and International Workers` Day May 1st.
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