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Do longstay visas attract high-end, high-spending travelers?
As Vietnam positions itself as "the leading tourist attraction in Southeast Asia," a more open visa policy is expected to help achieve this goal.
16:51, 2024/05/12
Vietnam: "Slow travel" by train becomes a trend
With the rise in domestic air fares, train travel has been a new tourism trend in Vietnam.
13:09, 2024/05/08
Hanoi's oldest book street preserving the city's reading culture
From one small bookstore to a dozen today, Dinh Le, the oldest book street in downtown Hanoi, has been a favorite destination for Hanoi's book lovers for decades.
07:02, 2024/04/20
[Video] Hanoi beauties in sax legend Kenny G's music video
In his music video Going Home, saxophone legend Kenny G leads viewers to Hoan Kiem Lake, the Temple of Literature and the Thang Long Citadel, among other Hanoi beauties.
15:34, 2023/08/26
Photo of Saigon by night wins tourism photo contest
Works from the "Amazing Vietnam" tourism photo contest will be stored in a photo data system for tourism promotion.
15:31, 2023/08/25
Tourism and cinema industries team up to promote national scenic treasures
The cinema and tourism industries must work closely together to further promote Vietnam's scenic treasures through films.
07:35, 2023/08/20
Thuy Ta House: A unique historical building in the heart of Hanoi
Interesting historical details are revealed about the oldest and only restaurant built on the shores of iconic Hoan Kiem Lake.
22:04, 2023/08/17
Miss Universe Vietnam promote Vietnam’s hidden gems
In her photo collection, H'Hen Nie brings out the wondrous beauty of Ba Vi National Park.
13:33, 2023/08/16
Cinema boosts Vietnam's tourism
The country's picturesque landscapes are increasingly featured in domestic and international film productions, effectively promoting Vietnam and its tourism.
14:41, 2023/08/12
Yen Tu Mountain: A journey of spiritual connection
Not far from Hanoi, a haven of peace and tranquility appears with a spectacular backdrop of mountains and bamboo forests.
11:32, 2023/08/10
Hanoi through the lens of a street photographer
Hanoi's romantic beauty is the draw for this photographer from the southern part of the country.
22:38, 2023/08/08
Filipino Scholar: Vietnam tourism has both smiles and culture
From the bustling streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to the tranquil beauty of Halong Bay and the cultural appeal of Hoi An, Vietnam offers a tapestry of experiences for international travelers.
14:51, 2023/08/05
Admiring beauty of Hanoi’s Indochinese French architectures through a book
The trilingual language book on the theme of Hanoi by editor and journalist Tran Huu Phuc Tien has just been released.
14:08, 2023/08/03
Vietnam emerges as Southeast Asia's new tourism hotspot: German Press
The German news site DW recently noted that tourism has almost completely recovered from the pandemic and that Vietnam is becoming a popular destination for travelers to Asia.
11:46, 2023/07/28
Tuyen Lam recognized as outstanding Asia-Pacific tourism site
The lake and its surroundings offer fresh air and a peaceful atmosphere.
16:28, 2023/07/27
Vietnam News Highlights for July 27, 2023
Check out the latest news about Vietnam.
09:29, 2023/07/26
Unique Cantonese Assembly Hall in Hanoi’s Old Quarter
The centuries-old relic is a testament to brilliant development of former Thang Long Imperial Citadel in the early 20th century.
05:56, 2023/07/25
A Hanoi artisan creates woodblock for over four decades
Pham Ngoc Toan is one of the last artisans that still hold on to the craft of hand-carving wood stamp in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.
17:40, 2023/07/23
In Hanoi, don’t rush to get caffeinated
Amid the hustle and bustle of the capital, one could find a strange sense of tranquility by sitting near a window in the early morning sunlight, breathing in the slightly cool air, and sipping a cup of hot coffee.
16:53, 2023/07/23
Vietnam Literature Museum: Explore literature and more
The Vietnam Literature Museum is a cultural and literary shrine of Vietnam and a cultural monument of Hanoi, as it houses a wealth of precious artifacts related to Vietnamese writers and literature from the Middle Ages to the present day.
22:21, 2023/07/18
Hanoi seeks to attract foreign tourists in wake of Blackpink fever
Hanoi will take advantage of international music events to attract tourists.
13:50, 2023/07/18
India - a mysterious land yet to be explored
It is a vast country, extremely diverse, culturally rich, and will not disappoint those who have a taste for new things.
14:32, 2023/07/17
Quirky tunnel-like alleys at the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter
Despite its dense and compact living space, the Old Quarter has the charm of a “living tradition” in the eyes of visitors: full of energy, creative chaos, and dazzling colors.
19:39, 2023/07/16
Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City among best holiday destinations in Asia
The nostalgic beauty of the culturally rich capital city and the dynamic life in the southern city has made Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City fascinating tourist destinations domestically and internationally.
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