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Making world politic with world climate
Ambassador Tran Duc Mau 15:33, 2021/04/26
Unlike his predecessors, Joe Biden seems to realize that America's future depends on ecological economies and climate technologies.

US president Joe Biden's idea to host a virtual Leaders Summit on World Climate is a politically very clever gambit. Heads of state or government of more than 40 countries in the world have been invited by him to attend this big event, including those from all major world greenhouse gas producers like China, Russia, India or Brazil and EU.

In appearance, president Biden shows to seriously take the protection of the world climate. In the reality, he intends to make world politic with this theme. 


 US President Joe Biden. Photo: AP/VNA

Unlike his predecessors, Joe Biden seems to realize that America's future depends on ecological economies and climate technologies. They would bring to America sustainable economic growth and secured jobs. America must compete with other economies in the world, first of all with China and EU, in climate technologies. In many speeches, Biden declared and reiterated his "America is back" and the protection of the world climate is one of the best proper issues for him to demonstrate that he takes seriously what he has said. What he is seeking with this issue is the world leading role for America not only in the world climate issue.

His predecessor Donald Trump followed and glorified his slogan "America First". He reversed Trump's policies but aimed at the same goal like Trump, namely America's interests. He only implemented Trump's "America First" with other means and in other ways.


He got a great success with his virtual summit on world climate. And almost all go along with. He set very ambitious climate targets and almost all go along with. In the final result, he has already reached remarkably more the UN had achieved in the last year in the field of reducing greenhouse gas mass. America is really back on the world stage. In this year's fall, the UN will hold the next conference on climate protection in the Scottish town of Glasgow and the US will certainly set the tone there.


And it is good for the Earth and healthy for the future of the mankind if America and all others fulfill their commitments on climate targets they declared before and during this virtual Leaders’ summit. Joe Biden polished America's image by making world politic with world climate.

But it is now unclear and unsure that he would definitely success at home. US Republicans are not ready to play his game and will not let him play his game. American companies will make his governing hard and complicated because they must pay more for meeting new and high climate standards. His presidency isn't endless. And there are others in the world who have the same wish and ambition like him to make world politic with the same issues.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Ambassador Tran Duc Mau are of his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Hanoitimes.

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