31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
ASEAN Online Sale Day 2022 kicks off
The annual ASEAN event, which is jointly organized by ASEAN nations, aims to boost regional e-commerce with a focus on commercial transactions.
09:48, 2022/48/05
Vietnam to assess innovation in public sector
Innovation in the public sector will drive and promote the development of the private sector, thereby improving the competitiveness of the economy.
00:00, 2022/00/03
Ashes of Kostas Nguyen Van Lap repatriated to Vietnam
The soldier of dual Greek and Vietnamese citizenship is the only foreigner bestowed the title "Hero of the People's Armed Forces" by the state of Vietnam.
14:06, 2022/06/01
Vietnam attends World Cities Summit
Representatives from Vietnam and foreign delegates have exchanged strategies for the development of e-government and smart cities.
11:07, 2022/07/22
Why is Vietnam more attractive than ASEAN-4 as manufacturing alternative?
Vietnam’s prominence as a rising manufacturing centre seems poised to continue to grow.
10:58, 2022/58/22
About 60% of Vietnamese adults have bank account: Napas
The room for cashless payments in Vietnam is huge.
19:13, 2022/13/21
Strengthening extensive strategic partnership between Japan and Vietnam
The Japan Bank for International Cooperation would contribute ideas to improve public-private partnership (PPP) policies and propose viable projects under the PPP.
15:22, 2022/22/20
UNFPA, UNESCO work for long-term sexual education in Vietnam
National trainers will deliver the approved age-appropriate, culturally-acceptable comprehensive sexuality education and life skills to both state and private education facilities.
21:28, 2022/28/15
Google and Vietnam’s initiatives to grow digital talents and support businesses
The programs will help close the skills gap by providing more learning and growth opportunities for local talents and start-ups in Vietnam.
21:28, 2022/28/14
Vietnam listed among top 10 best destinations for expats in 2022
Along with Vietnam, the latest survey ranked Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan (China), Portugal, Spain, the UAE, Thailand, Australia, and Singapore among the best destinations for expats in 2022.
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