31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnamese Gov’t maintains constructive dialogue with US over economic relations
More opportunities are arising to strengthen cooperation between Vietnam and the US in finance- and monetary related issues to boost their respective economic recoveries in the post-Covid-19 pandemic.
10:31, 2021/31/14
Leading companies must take central role in economic recovery, says expert
The economic recovery will base on large-scale corporations that are capable to deal with current difficulties.
10:55, 2021/55/08
Historic and revolutionary move
A new finance system is part of the new world order in general.
15:43, 2021/43/31
Much to win by nothing to lose
The question about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic has been since the outbreak of the pandemic very sensible for both China and the US and the whole world.
22:04, 2021/04/19
Vietnam seafood industry grasp opportunities from new Covid-19 wave
The latest Covid-19 outbreak in India, the world’s largest shrimp producer, has taken a toll on the recovery outlook of this country’s shrimp industry and created opportunities for others.
17:44, 2021/44/14
Vietnam among top 10 remittance recipients in 2020 with US$17.2 billion
This was a fourth consecutive year that Vietnam remains in the top 10 in terms of remittance.
10:11, 2021/11/12
Coward, Irresponsible and Unacceptable
With its ruling, the French court of Evry refused to recognize the legitimate demands and rights of its citizen on truth and justice.
16:44, 2021/44/11
German Communist Party expresses support for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange
A 79-year-old French-Vietnamese woman filed a historic lawsuit against multinationals that produced and sold a toxic herbicide dubbed as “Agent Orange” used by US troops during the war in Vietnam.
16:05, 2021/05/05
Vietnam enterprises step up efforts to protect brands abroad
The lack of understanding about international laws and limited financial capabilities remain two major challenges for local firms to protect their brands abroad.
10:13, 2021/13/28
US - Vietnam trade agreement: New pathway for an economy
The new book, titled “Viet Nam – Loi re cua mot nen kinh te”, will give readers a version of ups and downs behind BTA, a historic bilateral trade agreement between US and Vietnam, turning former foes into partners.
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