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Coward, Irresponsible and Unacceptable
With its ruling, the French court of Evry refused to recognize the legitimate demands and rights of its citizen on truth and justice.
16:44, 2021/05/11
German Communist Party expresses support for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange
A 79-year-old French-Vietnamese woman filed a historic lawsuit against multinationals that produced and sold a toxic herbicide dubbed as “Agent Orange” used by US troops during the war in Vietnam.
16:05, 2021/05/05
Vietnam enterprises step up efforts to protect brands abroad
The lack of understanding about international laws and limited financial capabilities remain two major challenges for local firms to protect their brands abroad.
10:13, 2021/04/28
US - Vietnam trade agreement: New pathway for an economy
The new book, titled “Viet Nam – Loi re cua mot nen kinh te”, will give readers a version of ups and downs behind BTA, a historic bilateral trade agreement between US and Vietnam, turning former foes into partners.
15:33, 2021/04/26
Making world politic with world climate
Unlike his predecessors, Joe Biden seems to realize that America's future depends on ecological economies and climate technologies.
07:42, 2021/04/27
US – Vietnam trade agreement makes differences for both: AmCham Chairwoman
The US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) has made a big difference in the US, of how to go from war to peace, from enemy to friendship,” Chairwoman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AmCham) Virginia Foote has said.
20:15, 2021/04/23
A trade deal turns former foes into partners
The US – Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement has been a fundamental foundation in economic relations between the two countries, providing Vietnamese traders with opportunities to access to the world's largest economy and open door for global economic integration.
15:58, 2021/04/21
Historic or Fateful?
Biden’s decision to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan could be the until now most important one, even might be historic or also fatefully fatal for the US.
16:02, 2021/04/19
Vietnam put up huge efforts to convince US to drop currency manipulator label: PM
Vietnam continues to work on ensuring sustainable and balanced trade relations with the US, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has said.
10:45, 2021/04/02
Old tactics for the new game
With the new administration in the US, a new game between the US and North Korea would begin.
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