[Longform] Italy and Vietnam bound by sincere, longstanding friendship: Ambassador
The Hanoi Times has the honor to introduce reflections of the Italy-Vietnam relationship by Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Antonio Alessandro.
10:22, 2021/12/29
[Longform]Vietnam friendships proven through the pandemic – the untold story of an ambassador
Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia Nguyen Tat Thanh, shared his efforts in accessing vaccine sources with The Hanoi Times.
21:25, 2021/12/28
New security bargaining or new world politics game?
The US and Nato almost immediately refused Russia's two security proposals.
15:43, 2021/12/10
It is time for Vietnam to walk the talk on trans rights
Vietnam’s draft law currently underway must take into account the experienced reality of the estimated 290,000-480,000 people who identify as transgender in the country.
14:10, 2021/11/25
Norway, Vietnam enjoyed solid friendship over five decades: Ambassador
Norway was among the first Western countries to establish diplomatic ties with Vietnam.
17:43, 2021/10/02
Ambitious geopolical players
The Indo-Pacific occupies now top-priority in strategic calculations and policies of the Quad.
09:29, 2021/09/04
Combined strengths help Vietnam win fight against Covid-19: Ambassador
I have been impressed by how Vietnamese health workers and other front liners have been rushing to affected areas to assist in fighting the pandemic, leaving their own families and friends and working grueling shifts.
12:01, 2021/09/02
Poland-Vietnam relations: Friendship tested through tough times
Nothing deed is more significant to commemorate an anniversary than presenting a meaningful gift, Poland did that way to stand shoulder to shoulder with Vietnam in the fight against coronavirus.
22:26, 2021/08/23
Former US Ambassador: "Harris trip can accelerate the progress Vietnam and the US have already made”
"Vice President Harris has an opportunity to show that the US is back - not just in the security realm but in trade, too."
09:57, 2021/07/06
Which vaccine strategy should be?
State policies are needed to facilitate the process aiming at getting vaccines produced inside and by the country.
10:55, 2021/06/08
Historic and revolutionary move
A new finance system is part of the new world order in general.
15:43, 2021/05/31
Much to win by nothing to lose
The question about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic has been since the outbreak of the pandemic very sensible for both China and the US and the whole world.
23:05, 2021/05/30
Breakthrough impossible
Only by overcoming their bilateral disputes, Russia and the US could reach some breakthrough in the direction towards normalization and improvement of their relationships.
05:24, 2021/05/28
Strengthening alliance for common goals
The US needs Japan and South Korea more than ever before dealing with China and North Korea.
10:11, 2021/05/12
Coward, Irresponsible and Unacceptable
With its ruling, the French court of Evry refused to recognize the legitimate demands and rights of its citizen on truth and justice.
15:33, 2021/04/26
Making world politic with world climate
Unlike his predecessors, Joe Biden seems to realize that America's future depends on ecological economies and climate technologies.
15:58, 2021/04/21
Historic or Fateful?
Biden’s decision to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan could be the until now most important one, even might be historic or also fatefully fatal for the US.
09:49, 2021/04/21
US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink: “The sky is the limit for Vietnam-US Partnership”
Ending the three and a half year tenure in Vietnam, US ambassador Daniel Kritenbrink believes that the time ahead for both countries will be even more promising. During years working in Vietnam as US ambassador, Daniel Kritenbrink has contributed to the tremendous achievement of the two countries’ cooperation: bilateral trade had grown exponentially to reach approximately US$46.5 billion last year, first time visit of US aircraft carrier to Vietnam since the war, among other events.
12:53, 2021/04/12
Constructive, positive and encouraging
The most important and decisive thing just now is that both the US and Iran already show their intension to commonly return to the JCPOA.
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