31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
A little bit détente
For China and the US, the Biden - Xi Jinping Bali talks implied no improvements but no deteriorations in their bilateral relationship, and not any deterioration at this moment is as significant as any possible improvement.
10:35, 2022/11/15
Shock for one, fortune for other
After this election, America is more divided than before, politically and socially.
21:51, 2022/11/02
Attack as the best defense
Ukraine needs military success of any kind to show its capabilities to resist Russia's military powers and to encourage its Western supporters to continue backing Ukraine in its war with Russia.
17:34, 2022/10/25
Discovering "natural partners"
By becoming natural partners, Australia and Japan have positioned themselves in the Indo-Pacific and the world for now and in the future.
06:12, 2022/10/20
Create precedent by reversing previous precedent
Australia appears to be the first of the countries that have recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli state to backtrack, thus creating a new precedent.
18:31, 2022/10/07
Many uncertainties ahead
It is now a new situation in Ukraine and Europe that all relevant players have to deal with.
10:58, 2022/08/24
Risky for one, dilemma for others
All G20 members but Russia will be in a dilemma if Russia's Vladimir Putin travels to the summit.
16:04, 2022/08/23
A fine kind of geopolitical game
The nature of Sri Lanka's present dilemma is this country has to maintain diplomatic balances between China on one side and India and the US on the other side.
20:43, 2022/08/18
America's unprecedented juridical act with political impact
The political impacts of the F.B.I search and its consequences are profound in US politics.
10:09, 2022/08/17
One Year After, One Year Lost
One year after the fateful date of August 15 of 2021, the situation has been getting worse for the Taliban and Afghanistan.
16:59, 2022/06/29
G7 - More show than relevance
It is typical and traditional in the world of G7 that all happenings at the G7 annual summit would quickly fall into oblivion.
18:55, 2022/06/27
BRICS in dilemma
They have to balance their relationships between Russia and their Western partners.
06:45, 2022/06/26
A sanction, provocation, or testing option?
The exclave of Kaliningrad, encircled by EU and NATO members Lithuania and Poland, is strategically crucial for Russia.
15:48, 2022/06/24
Reviving WTO
The Geneva Package put the WTO into the spotlight on world stages and become relevant again in the present world politics.
13:26, 2022/06/22
What does Emmanuel Macron's disenchantment mean for the EU?
Macron's political alliance "Ensemble!" loses its comfortable majority in France's newly elected parliament, remains the biggest fraction but needs partners to form a new government.
07:33, 2022/06/21
More smoke than fire
Ukraine is moving closer to the EU or, better to say, the EU is pulling Ukraine closer to the EU.
19:30, 2022/06/17
Winning near partners to counter far rivals
For a long time, the US has been neglecting the American continent while China steps by step but continuously and successfully established and enhanced its influence on the continent.
16:31, 2022/05/31
Newly-appointed Canadian ambassador: What a time to living in Vietnam!
The diplomat said he is eager to hit the ground running and start meeting Vietnamese from all walks of life across this incredible country.
12:18, 2022/05/21
The Other Game
The confrontation between Nato and Russia in Europe will reach new heights.
07:35, 2022/03/24
New approach with limited maneuvering space
The newly-elected South Korean President had proclaimed his new approach to resolve lasting problems with China and North Korea, much tougher and more resolute toward these two neighbors than out-going President Moon Jae-in
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